Kannada ' gangster' Movies List

Om Movie Poster
1. Om
A college student turns Gangster to avenge the injustice he sufers
A 1995 movie by Upendra
Actors & Actresses: Vijay kumar, Ashwath Narayana, Srinivas, Upasane Seetharam, G V Shivanand, Prasad
Thriller, Film-Noir, Fiction, Crime
Deadly Soma Movie Poster real-life story of a young man from a well-civilized family who takes the criminal route due to unavoidable circumstances.
A 2005 movie by Ravi Srivathsa
Actors & Actresses: Aditya, Rakshita, Avinash, Thara, Shobhraj, Devaraj
Drama, Crime, Action
Shankar Guru Movie Poster A man in crooked business separates from his pregnant wife
A 1978 movie by V Somashekhar
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, Kanchana, Jayamala, T N Balakrishna, Padmapriya, Vajramuni
Mystery, Film-Noir, Crime, Action
Antha Movie Poster A criminal is brought back from jail to uncover the mystery of the death of a police officer
A 1981 movie by S V Rajendra Singh Babu
Actors & Actresses: Ambareesh, Lakshmi, Latha, Pandari Bai, Vathsala, Baby Sindhu
Mystery, Crime, Adventure, Action
Huli Hebbuli Movie Poster A man who has lost his memory is framed by his own uncle for the crimes he has not committed, he regains memory and uncovers the secrets
A 1987 movie by Vijay
Actors & Actresses: Tiger Prabhakar, Shankar Nag, Sumalatha, Bhavya, M Leelavathi, Disco Shanti
Thriller, Crime, Action
Omkara Movie Poster Omkara story is about a victim of circumstances becoming an underworld functionary
A 2004 movie by Shivamani
Actors & Actresses: Upendra, Preeti Jhangiani, Rahul Dev, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Bank Janardhan
Pralayanthaka Movie Poster A love story amidst the chaos of a criminal's usual life
A 1984 movie by B Subba Rao
Actors & Actresses: V Ravichandran, Jai jagadish, Rajeev, Vijayakashi, Bhavya, Kanchana
Crime, Action
Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D 999 Movie Poster Agent 999 is assigned with the work of destroying the evil team that is harnessing a chemical which can destroy any thing on earth
A 1969 movie by B Dorai Raj, S K Bhagavan
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, T R Narasimha Raju, Rekha, Niranjan, Surekha, GVG Krishna
Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Prathidhwani Movie Poster A crime gang kills parents of 2 children, their elder son becomes an inspector and the fate has put him against the same person who killed his parents, second son has become a robber and seeking the killer
A 1971 movie by B Dorai Raj, S K Bhagavan
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, Rajesh, Pandari Bai, Dinesh, T R Narasimha Raju, Rama
Mystery, Crime, Adventure, Action

Kallara Kalla Movie Poster A man kills his cheating wife and his boss and is arrested by the police. He escapes prison and is looking for his mother and son.
A 1970 movie by M P Shankar
Actors & Actresses: Uday kumar, R N Sudarshan, T R Narasimha Raju, M P Shankar, Shylashri, B Jaya
Drama, Crime, Adventure, Action
Chitegu Chinte Movie Poster A gangster runs his business from a house of blinds
A 1978 movie by M S Sathyu
Actors & Actresses: C R Simha, Manjula, Paula Lindsay, Ramprakash, S Shivaram, Uma Shivakumar
Drama, Crime
Hasida Hebbuli Movie Poster A criminal with memory loss recovers his memory to expose a notorious gang
A 1983 movie by S A Chandrashekhar
Actors & Actresses: Ambareesh, Ambika, Vajramuni, Tiger Prabhakar, Dinesh, Shakti Prasad
Crime, Action
Goonda Guru Movie Poster
A 1985 movie by A T Raghu
Actors & Actresses: Ambareesh, Geetha, Vajramuni, Sundar Krishna Urs, Srilalitha, shashikala
Pithamaha Movie Poster
A 1985 movie by K S L Swamy (Ravi)
Actors & Actresses: Uday kumar, Ashwath Narayana, Rajesh, Thoogudeepa Srinivas, Sundar Krishna Urs, V Ravichandran
Crime, Action
Pundara Ganda Movie Poster
A 1990 movie by Raju
Actors & Actresses: Ananth Nag, Tiger Prabhakar, Vajramuni, Disco Shanti, M S Umesh
Kariya Movie Poster
16. Kariya
Darshan played the role of Gangster who falls in love with Abhi, Dancer
A 2003 movie by Prem
Actors & Actresses: Darshan Thoogudeep, Abhinayashree, B Jayashree, Dr Suresh Sharma, Mico Nagaraj
Romance, Drama, Action
Daasa Movie Poster
17. Daasa

A 2003 movie by P N Sathya
Actors & Actresses: Darshan Thoogudeep, Amrutha, Satyajit, Avinash, Lohithashwa, Ramesh Pandit
Drama, Crime, Action
Nanda Movie Poster
18. Nanda

A 2009 movie by R Anantha Raju
Actors & Actresses: Shivarajkumar, Sandhya, Sharan, Srinath, Avinash, Sharath Lohitashwa
Romance, Drama, Action
Jedralli Movie Poster
A 2011 movie by P N Sathya
Actors & Actresses: H M Krishnamurthy, Sushma, Shwetha Pandith, Shobhraj, Ashok Rao, Karibasavaiah
Drama, Action
Villan Movie Poster
20. Villan

A 2012 movie by M S Ramesh
Actors & Actresses: Aditya, Ragini Dwivedi, Shobhraj, Rangayana Raghu, Dharma, Malathi Sardeshpande
24 Carat Movie Poster
A 2014 movie by S Umesh
Actors & Actresses: Virat, Pooja, Rangayana Raghu, Shobhraj, Suresh Mangalore, Dhananjay
Ganapa Movie Poster
22. Ganapa
Ganapa (Santosh) accidentally saves the life of underworld goon Jayanna. Jayanna is impressed by Ganapa and hence he chooses him to be his 'right hand'
A 2015 movie by Prabhu Srinivas
Actors & Actresses: Santhosh Balaraj, Priyanka, Tharun Master, Kalyan Master, Tumkur Mohan, Petrol Prasanna
Romance, Drama, Crime, Action
RX Soori Movie Poster The film is based on the life story of Paritaala Ravi, a gangster in the Rayalaseema province of Andhra Pradesh
A 2015 movie by Sreejay
Actors & Actresses: Duniya Vijay, Akanksha Puri, P Ravi Shankar, Sadhu Kokila, Shobhraj, Bullet Prakash
Drama, Crime, Biography, Action
Ramleela Movie Poster
A 2015 movie by Vijay Kiran
Actors & Actresses: Chiranjeevi Sarja, Amulya, Sadhu Kokila, Sanjjanaa, Rangayana Raghu, Ravishankar gowda
Drama, Comedy, Action
Rathavara Movie Poster
A 2015 movie by Shekhar Bandiyappa
Actors & Actresses: Sriimurali, P Ravi Shankar, Rachita Ram, Charanraj, Sadhu Kokila, Loki
Drama, Action