B Jayashree

B Jayashree

B Jayashree (1950-0) is a Kannada Singer, Actress, known for the movies Mata(2006), Ulta Palta(1997), Tabarana Kathe(1988)

NameB Jayashree (ಬಿ ಜಯಶ್ರೀ)
Other NamesB Jayashri, Gubbi Jayashree,B Jayashree Devi,Basavaraj Jayashree
Date Of Birth9 June 1950
Age73 years 11 months 21 days
Place Of BirthBangalore, Karnataka
GrandfatherGubbi Veeranna(actor, director)
Educationgraduated from the National School of Drama, Delhi in 1973
TeacherEbrahim Alkazi
MotherG V Malathamma
B. Jayashree is a veteran Indian theatre actor, director and singer, who has also acted in films and television. She is the creative director of Spandana Theatre, an amateur theatre company based in Bangalore, established in 1976

B Jayashree: Photos, Pictures

Sushma veer with her family, grandma b Jayashree
Sushma veer with her family, grandma b Jayashree

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. She started acting when she was just 4 years old
  2. She has also received an honorary D. Litt degree from the Karnataka State Open University in 2009
  3. She was nominated to the Upper house of the Indian Parliament, Rajya Sabha in 2010
  4. She has worked with notable theatre personalities like B. V. Karanth
  5. She has also briefly remained the director of Mysore-based theatre institute, Rangayana
  6. Her grandfather was noted theatre director, Gubbi Veeranna, who founded the Gubbi Veeranna Nataka Company
  7. She was awarded the Padma Shri, fourth-highest civilian honour by Government of India in 2013
  8. In 1996, she was awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for acting, given by the Sangeet Natak Akademi

B Jayashree: Filmography (85)

(All B Jayashree Movies)
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2016 Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu[Actress]
2016 Koudi[Actress(Ambavva),Playback Singer]
2016 Ishtakamya[Actress]
2015 Preethiyinda[Playback Singer]
2011 Ishta[Playback Singer]
2011 Aacharya[Playback Singer]
2010 Crazy Kutumba[Playback Singer]
2009 Thaakath[Playback Singer]
2009 Banada Neralu[Actress]
2009 Prashne[Actress]
2008 Dhemaaku[Playback Singer]
2008 Patre Loves Padma[Playback Singer]
2007 Masti[Playback Singer]
2007 Mathad Mathadu Mallige[Playback Singer]
2007 Ee Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melide[Actress]
2007 Guna[Playback Singer]
2006 Mata[Playback Singer]
2006 Hatavadi[Playback Singer]
2006 Ajay[Dubbing Artist]
2006 Good Luck[Playback Singer]
2006 Care of Footpath[Actress]
2006 A Aa E Ee[Playback Singer]
2005 Jogi[Playback Singer]
2005 Shambhu[Playback Singer]
2004 Pandava[Actress]
2004 Durgi[Actress,Playback Singer]
2004 Bhagavan[Playback Singer]
2004 Shuklambaradharam[Dubbing Artist]
2004 Sahukara[Playback Singer]
2003 Preethsod Thappa[Actress]
2003 Kariya[Actress]
2003 Neenandre Ishta[Playback Singer]
2003 Singaravva[Playback Singer]
2003 Preethi Prema Pranaya[Playback Singer]
2003 Daasa[Playback Singer]
2003 Dhad Dhad[Playback Singer]
2003 Mani[Playback Singer]
2003 Khaki[Actress]
2002 Aathma[Playback Singer]
2002 Balagalittu Olage Baa[Actress,Playback Singer]
2002 Balarama[Playback Singer]
2002 Entha Lokavayya[Dubbing Artist]
2002 Prema[Playback Singer]
2002 Thuntata[Playback Singer]
2002 Vamshakkobba[Playback Singer]
2001 Banallu Neene Buviyallu Neene[Playback Singer]
2001 Bava Bamaida[Playback Singer]
2001 Kothigalu Saar Kothigalu[Playback Singer]
2001 Nanna Preethiya Hudugi[Playback Singer]
2000 Deveeri[Actress(Rangappa\'s wife)]
2000 Naga Devathe[Playback Singer]
2000 Shabdavedhi[Dubbing Artist]
2000 Sparsha[Playback Singer]
1999 Drona[Playback Singer]
1999 Upendra[Dubbing Artist]
1999 Vishwa[Playback Singer]
1998 Hoomale[Playback Singer]
1998 Kaurava[Actress,Playback Singer]
1998 Marikannu Horimyage[Playback Singer]
1998 Sri Siddharooda Mahathme[Actress]
1998 Yare Neenu Cheluve[Playback Singer]
1997 Jenina Hole[Playback Singer]
1997 Lady Comissioner[Playback Singer]
1997 Nagamandala[Actress]
1997 Simhada Mari[Dubbing Artist]
1997 Ulta Palta[Playback Singer]
1996 Aadithya[Playback Singer]
1996 Huliya[Dubbing Artist]
1995 Kona Eedaithe[Director]
1995 Kotreshi Kanasu[Actress]
1995 Thaliya Sowbhagya[Actress]
1993 Bevu Bella[Dubbing Artist]
1990 Shabarimale Swamy Ayyappa[Dubbing Artist]
1988 Tabarana Kathe[Dubbing Artist]
1986 Madhvacharya[Dubbing Artist]
1985 Kuridoddi Kurukshethra[Actress]
1984 Olave Baduku[Dubbing Artist]
1983 Phaniyamma[Dubbing Artist]
1980 Bara[Playback Singer]
1977 Kokila[Director (Associate)]
1977 Thabbaliyu Neenade Magane[Dubbing Artist]
1977 Ghatashraddha[Dubbing Artist]
1973 Kaadu[Dubbing Artist]
1966 Mamatheya Bandhana[Actress]
1965 Veera Vikrama[Actress]