Shankar Nag

Shankar Nag

Shankar Nag (1954-1990) is a Kannada Actor known for the movies Nodi Swamy Navirodu Heege(1983), Accident(1984), Ondu Muttina Kathe(1987)

NameShankar Nag (ಶಂಕರ ನಾಗರಕಟ್ಟೆ,शंकर नागरकट्टे)
TitlesShankar Anna, Karate King, Auto Raja
Other NamesShankar Nagarkatte, Shankar Nagarkatti
Date Of Birth9 November 1954
Age(Age at Death: 35 years 10 months 21 days)
Place Of BirthMallapur, Honnavar, Karnataka
Date Of Death30 September 1990
Place Of DeathAnagod, Davanagere, Karnataka
FatherSadananda Nagarakatte
BrotherAnant Nag
WifeArundathi Nag
Debut MoviesOndanondu Kaladalli , Minchina Ota(as director)
Mother TongueKonkani
Languages KnownHindi,Kannada,English,Marathi,Konkani


Shankar Nagarakatte (9 November 1954 – 30 September 1990) popularly known as Shankar Nag is an Indian theatre, Film actor, screen writer, director, activist, philanthropist, thinker popular for his action movies as an actor & Family, Comedy & Art films as a director.

Childhood, Family & Personal Life

Shankar Nag was born to Sadananda Nagarakatte (Father) & Anandi Nagarakatte (Mother) as their third child on on Tuesday, 9 November 1954 in Mallapur, Honnavar, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka. He hails from a Konkani speaking Saraswat Brahmin Family settled near Shirali of Bhatkal. Shankar Nag could speak Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, English fluently other than his mother Tongue Konkani.

shankar nag childhood photo with father sadananda nagarakatte & brother anant nag
Shankar Nag childhood photo with father Sadananda nagarakatte & brother Anant Nag

He is the younger brother of Veteran Kannada actor Anant Nag, the brothers were inseparable and very close. Shyamala is his elder sister. Being the youngest child Shankar was pampered by everyone in the family.

shankar nag childhood photo with brother anant nag
Shankar nag childhood photo with brother Anant nag

Shankar Nag moved to Mumbai after his basic education, In Mumbai he involved himself with theatre activities, incidentally Shankar met his future wife Arundathi Nag (nee Rao) on the sets where she worked as an actress.

Marriage: After marriage Shankar Nag & Arundhati moved to Bangalore, into a farm house far away from the city. Shankar Nag & Arundhati have a daughter Kavya Nag.

shankar nag's daughter kavya
Shankar nag's daughter Kavya Nag

Film Career

Shankar's elder brother Anant Nag was an established actor in the Kannada film industry when Shankar Nag was active in Marathi theatre, It helped shankar move to Karnataka to try his luck in Kannada movies.

Movie Debut: Before coming to movies he worked as a clerk in Bank. After returning from Bank he was seen at a Drama rehearsal by Girish Karnad who offered him a role his next movie. Shankara Nag entered movie industry through the movie Ondanondu Kaladalli(1978) , An Action movie directed by Girish Karnad starring: Sundar Krishna Urs , Sundar RajAkshatha Rao

Marathi movies: Shankar Nag Co-wrote the script along with Nachiket Patwardhan for the National award winning Marathi movie 22 June 1897.

Seetha Ramu was his first commercial success; Minchina Ota was a heist thriller and a well recieved movie, the duo of Anant & shankar became popular after this. Moogana SeduMinchina OtaJanma Janmada AnubandhaAuto Rajastory of an auto driver falling in Love with a rich woman, Muniyana MadariGeethaNodi Swamy Navirodu HeegeHosa TheerpuGedda MagaMakkaliralavva ManethumbaIndina BharathaAccidentParameshi Prema PrasangaSangliyana are among his popular movies.

As director: Shankar Nag had interest in story writing & direction from his theatre days, Shankar Nag wrote & directed Minchina Ota- an action thriller, Janma Janmada Anubandha A tale of reincarnation, ghosts & past lives, Geetha- a romantic tragedy of a dying cancer patient; Ondu Muttina Kathestory of a poor tribe living on the shores starring Dr Rajkumar, super star of Kannaa films; Nodi Swamy Navirodu Heegea family comedy movie with Ramesh Bhat & Shankar's wife Arundhati Nag. Accident

Sundarakanda was the last film he ever appeared, the movie was released a few days after his death. The audio parts which were unfinished were completed by a voice actor name Murali.

Shankar was a very versatile personality, He liked experimenting & stretching creativity to its limit. His stories range from fiction, comedy, family drama, court drama covering topics like poverty, friendship, romance, misunderstanding, family troubles, social problems, judiciary system, police system.

TV Career

Shankara Nag is popular in Karnataka for his roles in movies, but as a director he is known throughout India for his work of bringing R K Narayan's novel Malgudi Days onto the TV.

Before economic liberalization in 1991 India had one TV channel, DD National, it was watched throughout India. Malgudi Days was aired on DD National from 1987 and it was watched by millions & millions from those times still remember Malgudi Days fondly for it was a big part of their childhood. Malgudi Days is one of the unique TV serials ever made in Indian TV history. Malgudi Days were re telecast in 2012 in Hindi with Kannada Subtitles.

TV shows he appeared in:

  • Malgudi Days(1987): on DD National: Picturization of the classic novel of R K Narayan by the same name.
  • Parichaya: on DD Kannada: He anchored the show.
  • Swami(1987): on DD National

Theater: Shankar Nag along with his brother Anant Nag, Wife Arundhati & close buddies Ramesh Bhat & Kashi formed a theatre group called Sanket. He directed play "Anju Mallige" by Girish Karnad.

Awards & Recognition

  • 1978: Ondanondu Kaladalli: Best Actor National Award (Delhi International Film Festival)
  • 197922 June 1897(Marathi film)  : Best Film on National Integration (National Film Award)  
  • 1980: Minchina Ota: Second Best Film Award Won (Karnataka State Film Award)
  • 1980: Minchina Ota: Best Screenplay Award Won (Karnataka State Film Award)
  • 1981: Geetha- National Award
  • 1983: Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige: Third Best Film Award Won (Karnataka State Film Award)
  • 1984: Accident- Best Film on Social Issues (National Award)
  • 1984: Accident- Best Film (Karnataka State Film Award)
  • 1987The Watchman: Won Best Film in English Hindi (National Film Award)

Shankar Nag's Death

Shankar Nag was attending the Mahoorat of the movie "Jokumaraswamy" in his car along with his wife & Daughter. They met with an accident at Anagodu, Davanagere on 30 September 1990. A Lorry jammed into the car they were travelling in. His wife Arundhati & daughter Kavya survived the accident, but as fate had it Shankar could not make it alive. Shankar Nag was killed at the spot, Arundhati & Kavya had broken parts and injuries all over hands, head & legs.

Shankar Nag was an interesting personality, his contribution to the world is beyond movies.  

Other Contributions:

  • Ranga shankara: Shankar Nag conceptualized a drama theatre which is now named after him by his wife Arundhati & is looked after by her.
  • Bangalore Metro: Shankar Nag was thinking of bringing Metro trains to Bangalore even as early as 1990, based on London Metro.
  • Country Club: He was planning to start a club near his farm house in Bangalore.
  • Ropeway to Nandi Hills: Construction of Rope ways to Nandi hills was one of his ideas.
  • Prefab housing scheme: He had ideas for low cost prefab housing scheme for poorbased on German construction technology.
  • An alternative health care: A planned health care system, for the sake of poor & middle class who couldn't afford the expenses.
  • Sanket Electronics: He started an electronic recording studio based in Bangalore, it was the first of the kind. Before this studio Kannada movies were recorded in Madras, it was started with the help of Kannada Film Chamber.

Shankar Nag's biography: In 2011, Anant Nag released a biography of Shankar Nag "Nanna Tamma Shankara" recollecting all the time they had spent in childhood and then through their adult life creating many marvels in Kannada industry. 

Shankar Nag: Photos, Pictures

(All Shankar Nag Photos)
Arundathi nag and shankar nag's daughter kavya nag (left)
Arundathi nag and shankar nag's daughter kavya nag (left)
Arundathi nag, shankar nag, ramesh bhat and master manjunath in the sets of auto raja
Arundathi nag, shankar nag, ramesh bhat and master manjunath in the sets of auto raja
Shankar nag from the movie auto raja
Shankar nag from the movie auto raja
Shankar nag from ondanondu kaladalli
Shankar nag from ondanondu kaladalli

Shankar Nag: Videos

Shankar Nag Last Interview - Part 1
Shankar Nag Last Interview - Part 1
Shankar Nag Last Interview - Part 2
Shankar Nag Last Interview - Part 2
Shankar Nag Last Interview - Part 3
Shankar Nag Last Interview - Part 3

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Shankar Nag & Anant Nag were very close, so close that Anant Nag had traveled to Hyderabad to end his life Shankar's death to end his own life, only to be saved by his wife Gayathri's phone call.
  2. Shankar Nag is especially popular among the Auto drivers, his movie Auto Raja touched the chord of the working class.
  3. When the news of Shankar Nag's death reached his mother, she is believed to have said "He was destined to die early, he had an accident in Mumbai where he should have died, but his life was elongated as a gift, a second birth."
  4. Master Manjunath & Shankar Nag had a very fond relationship, Master Manjunath usually appeared in some or the other role in Shankar Nag'a movies. Malgudi Days was one of the best product of their collaboration. Master Manjunath as "Swami" became popular after Malgudi Days.
  5. Shankar Nag wasn't involved in politics, but he became a part of his brother anant's campaign when he contested in the elections.
  6. Anant Nag wrote a biography of Shankar Nag named "My Brother Shankara" published in 2011.
  7. At first Shankar Nag was not well accepted by the Kannada industry as its own for his association with Marathi industry, but he made sure his contributions today make him one of the stalwarts of Kannada industry.
  8. "Hosa Theerpu" a remake of Dushman is the only movie he ever remade.
  9. Shankar Nag's bio pic animation named Pravadi was partly finished, the project was discontinued for unknown reasons.
  10. He was not much into politics but he was an admirer of the then popular politician Ramakrishna Hegde
  11. The climax of the movie "Accident" had a scene where the hero was scripted to kill a minister in frustration, but at the last moment the scene was changed as the then non violent one since, coincidentally, it was the same time the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi was assassinated.
  12. Shankar Nag's career spanned for 12 years (from 1978-1990), where he acted/directed in about 90 movies.
  13. Shankar Nag was into the works of writers like Pablo Neruda & Gabriel Garcia Marquez among others.
  14. Even to this day Shankar Nag is amongst the most popular Kannada actors of all time.
  15. It is said that Shankar Nag was favorite of his mother Anandi.
  16. Onde Ondu Bayakeyu was the first romantic song he appeared in, he confessed that he was too afraid as he had never danced, neither sung. Manjula, the heroine of the movie encourage him with positive words.
  17. Shankar Nag had a nickname "Karate King" for his action roles, but he never had any Karate training.

Shankar Nag: Filmography (91)

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List By:
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1991 Punda Prachanda[Actor]
1991 Sundara Kanda[Actor]
1991 Nakkala Rajakumari[Actor]
1990 Aata Bombata[Actor]
1990 Aavesha[Actor]
1990 Bhale Chathura[Actor]
1990 Halliya Surasuraru[Actor]
1990 Hosa Jeevana[Actor]
1990 Maheshwara[Actor]
1990 Nigooda Rahasya[Actor]
1990 Ramarajyadalli Rakshasaru[Actor]
1990 SP Sangliyana 2[Actor(Sangliana)]
1990 Thrinethra[Actor]
1989 CBI Shankar[Actor(Sathya / Shankar)]
1989 Idu Sadhya[Actor(director)]
1989 Jayabheri[Actor]
1989 Maha Yuddha[Actor]
1989 Narasimha[Actor]
1989 Rajasimha[Actor]
1989 Tarka[Actor(Akshay/Harish)]
1988 Dharmathma[Actor]
1988 Mithileya Seetheyaru[Actor]
1988 Sangliyana[Actor(Sangliana),Playback Singer]
1988 Shakthi[Actor]
1987 Anthima Ghatta[Actor]
1987 Digvijaya[Actor]
1987 Ee Bandha Anubandha[Actor]
1987 Huli Hebbuli[Actor]
1987 Ondu Muttina Kathe[Director,Writer (Screenplay),Playback Singer]
1987 Thayi[Actor]
1987 Lorry Driver[Actor]
1986 Naa Ninna Preethisuve[Actor]
1986 Rasthe Raja[Actor]
1986 Samsarada Guttu[Actor]
1986 Thayiye Nanna Devaru[Actor]
1986 Agni Parikshe[Actor]
1985 Kiladi Aliya[Actor]
1985 Parameshi Prema Prasanga[Actor,Writer (Screenplay)]
1985 Thayi Kanasu[Actor]
1985 Vajra Mushti[Actor]
1985 Kari Naga[Actor]
1985 Manava Danava[Actor(double role)]
1984 Accident (Kannada)[Actor,Director]
1984 Apoorva Sangama[Actor]
1984 Aasha Kirana[Actor]
1984 Bedaru Bombe[Actor]
1984 Benki Birugaali[Actor]
1984 Gandu Bherunda[Actor(Nayar)]
1984 Indina Bharatha[Actor]
1984 Kalinga Sarpa[Actor]
1984 Makkaliralavva Manethumba[Actor,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1984 Nagabekamma Nagabeku[Actor]
1984 Pavithra Prema[Actor]
1984 Raktha Thilaka[Actor,Playback Singer]
1984 Shapatha[Actor]
1984 Thaliya Bhagya[Actor]
1983 Chandi Chamundi[Actor]
1983 Gedda Maga[Actor((triple role))]
1983 Hosa Theerpu[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1983 Keralida Hennu[Actor]
1983 Nodi Swamy Navirodu Heege[Actor(Mysore Matha),Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1983 Aakrosha[Actor]
1983 Nyaya Gedditu[Actor]
1982 Archana[Actor]
1982 Benki Chendu[Actor]
1982 Dharma Daari Thappithu[Actor]
1982 Karmika Kallanalla[Actor]
1982 Nyaya Ellide[Actor]
1981 Bhaari Bharjari Bete[Actor]
1981 Devara Aata[Actor(double role)]
1981 Geetha[Actor(Sanjay),Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Co-Producer]
1981 Jeevakke Jeeva[Actor]
1981 Kula Puthra[Actor]
1981 Muniyana Madari[Actor(Muniya)]
1981 Thayiya Madilalli[Actor]
1981 Hana Balavo Jana Balavo[Actor]
1980 Aarada Gaaya[Actor]
1980 Auto Raja[Actor(Raja)]
1980 Haddina Kannu[Actor]
1980 Janma Janmada Anubandha[Actor(Shivu),Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Co-Producer]
1980 Minchina Ota[Actor(Katte),Director,Writer (Screenplay),Producer,Playback Singer]
1980 Moogana Sedu[Actor(Nagaraja)]
1980 Ondu Hennu Aaru Kannu[Actor]
1980 Rustum Jodi[Actor]
1979 I Love You[Actor]
1979 Madhu Chandra[Actor]
1979 Preethi Maadu Thamashe Nodu[Actor]
1979 Seetha Ramu[Actor(Ramu)]
1978 Ondanondu Kaladalli[Actor(Gandugali)]