Rachel Steele

Rachel Steele

Other NamesLusty Leigh, Rachel Steel,RedMilf
Date Of Birth27 November 1963
Age54 years 6 months 23 days
Place Of BirthBoston, Massachusetts, United States of america
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)
Official Websitehttp://www.rachel-steele.com
Contact (Email)webmaster@rachel-steele.com
Tumblr Sitehttp://redmilfrachel.tumblr.com/
Twitter Profilehttps://twitter.com/RedMILFRachel
Weight61 kg or 131 pounds
Dress Size8 (US)
Hair colorRed
Eye colorGreen


Rachel Steele was born in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A, now resides in Tampa, Florida.


 One of Rachel's images of her sitting by the pool in a sheer through dress was posted on a voyeur website, subsequently her picture was voted as the number 1 hottest pic, this kindled her spirits, she tried her luck in webcam sites. Rachel became so popular that she later opened her own website.

Rachel started acting with other people in 2006, since then she has become one of the famous pornstars, especially on net. She is widely famous in the "age play" & "mature" niche.

She now owns the production company "Red MILF Productions" (She has Red hair, thus the nickname), under which all her videos are produced &  released. she offers her fans the chance to write their own scripts & direct the video. She shoots mostly in the Maine or around New England. 

Rachel has appeared in more than 1000 videos, some of her movies/videos are:

  • Wunder Woman vs. Reptilian1,2,3
  • Stockholm Syndrome
  • Classics Mind Control, The Organization 1,2
  • Fat Boy, Eat It Up 1,2
  • Body and Brother Betrayal 1
  • Housewife Tied to Table
  • Dipping and Dangling
  • Son Fills in for Dad, Part 1, 2
  • Mother's Lesson
  • Wunder Woman and Cheetah Milk the Executioner
  • Let Us Show You the Dark Side
  • Ransom Demand 1,2
  • Corrupting Cousin Jessica, part 1
  • Wunder Woman vs. Joker, Part 1,2
  • Wunder Woman Revealed, Part 1,2
  • Escaped
  • Desperate Housewife
  • Mommie's Leather Punishment Gloves
  • Dominating the Pool Guy
  • Beauty and the Homeless Man, Jessica
  • Daddy's Girl, apart 1,2
  • Wunder Woman Vs. Dr. Vibrato, Part 1
  • Wunder Woman & Friends vs Dr. Vibrato
  • Dirty Cop
  • Wunder Woman Vs. Trixter
  • Mob Leverage, Part 1
  • Mom, I Want to be Like You!
  • Lessons
  • Retaliation on Fausta
  • Wunder Woman Auctioned
  • Manipulating Men, Climbing the Corporate Ladder
  • Cheating Housewife, The Secret Affair, part 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • The Loving Family
  • Deviant Detective Steele - Fur Coat Fetish
  • The Dirty Movie
  • I Got a D in Biology
  • Twins Trouble
  • Leave It to My Beaver
  • Wunder Woman
  • Beauty and the Monster
  • Men Are Pigs
  • Paid to Punish
  • Wunder Woman Fights for Her Life
  • Boarding House Bimbo 
  • Just Do What I Say
  • Stolen Moments
  • Late Night Snack Attack
  • Blackmailed, Everything to Gain
  • Tickle Christina
  • Aunt Rachel Watches the Kidz
  • Stuck Up Sisters Ravaged
  • Wunder Woman vs. Bandit Babe, Stolen Essence
  • Rural Prison Camp
  • Introducing Blaze versus The Machine
  • Office Tease Taught
  • Massage Therapist Mauled
  • Android Man
  • Hotel Hell
  • Housewife Humbled
  • Wunder Woman and Wunder Girl Broken
  • The Widow
  • Twin Trouble, Rachel's Responsibility
  •  The Bet 
  • Make a Man Out of Him
  • Wunder Woman vs. Cheetah, Humiliation
  • Demonic Duo
  • Marrying for Money
  • Mother's Regrets
  • The Truth Comes Out

She is particularly famous for her age play videos, she suits the roles of a middle aged temptress. Her fluency, smile, her comforting voice are great additions to her body.

Rachel Steele the humanitarian: Rachel Steele's fans can buy her signed pictures from her website online, she donates the money accumulated to Charities dedicated for treatment of Cancer. This is her way of giving back to the society.

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Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Her fans can get her personal items like socks, shoes from her website.
  2. Rachel admits she is an exhibitionist by nature
  3. She doesn't have piercings on her body.
  4. In 2012 she released a Bollywood parody movie titled "The Dirty Movie"
  5. She has been compared with Kay Parker by some of her fans.
  6. Rachel used to work as an exotic dancer at "Mons Venus", a local club
  7. She was married once, not known whether she is married now.
  8. Rachel has fetish for different kinds of dresses
  9. Her Curvy top is augmented with silicone.
  10. Rachel has worked with the legendary "Nina Hartley", and she remembers it as one of the highlights of her career.
  11. In 2014, she was Nominated for "MILF Performer of the Year" by "THE FANNYS"
  12. Rachel has tattoos of the Sun & the Moon on her right back shoulder.
  13. She prefers to keep her skin tanned.
  14. Rachel Steele does Yoga regularly