Amulya (1993-0) is a Kannada Actress known for the movies Kallarali Hoovagi(2006), Nanu Nanna Kanasu(2010), Cheluvina Chitthara(2007)

Other NamesBaby Moulya,Amoolya
Date Of Birth14 September 1993
Age30 years 8 months 6 days
Place Of BirthBangalore, Karnataka
Favorite ActressSoundarya
Birth NameMoulya
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BrotherDeepak Aras
Education(College)pre-university course in commerce from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
Education (Graduation)Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) degree
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Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Debut MovieParva
Height5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight48 kg


Amluya is an award winning Kannada actress known for her appearances in movies Cheluvina Chittara, Naanu Nanna Kanasu, Shravani Subramanya, Gajakesari, Krishna-Rukku & others.

Childhood, Family, Personal Life

Amulya was born as Moulya on Tuesday, 14 September 1993, in Bangalore, Karnataka to Jayalaksmi(Mother) , her father was a businessman, he died in 2009 while she was just beginning to gain stardom in Kannada film industry.

Amulya has a brother Deepak Urs, who is a director & has directed her in Manasalogy (2011). 

Amulya childhood photo
Amulya childhood photo

Amulya with her father in childhood
Amulya with her father in childhood

Amulya with her brother
Amulya with her brother

Amulya with her mother jayalakshmi
Amulya with her mother jayalakshmi


  • PUC (2010-2011): Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
  • Graduation (2012-2014): Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.

Controversy: Amulya was seen intimately kissing director Ratnaja who directed her in Permism. There was no clarification on the matter by the couple, nor were there allegations of falsehood, they have not been seen together after that, she took a break from movies for a while, she was disappointed how people took the issue, everything has been back on track after that.

TV & Movie Career

Amulya has been appearing in Kannada TV serials & movies since she was just six years old. Amulya's first TV appearance was through "Supta Manasina Sapta Swaragalu" a TV serial aired in 1999. A relative of Amulya's was part of the serial and had seen her performing Bharatanatyam. She was just 6/7 when she performed in it.

Movie Debut as child actress: Parva (2002) a Kannada musical drama  directed by Sunil Kumar Desai, starring Vishnuvardhan, Prema & Roja was the first movie of Amulya. Amulya was just an eight year old when she appeared as a child artist in the movie.

Movie Debut as heroine: Amulya debuted in Cheluvina Chitthara(2007), in the role of a teenager who elopes with her lover. Couplet of Ganesh & Amoolya became super popular after this movie, the movie was directed by S Narayan. She was just 13/14 when she acted as a lead actress.

Shravani Subramanya was another of her successful movies, her pairing up with Ganesh produced another super hit, Amulya received Filmfare award for her role in the movie.

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Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Amulya was given the title "Holiday Heroine" by director S Narayan.
  2. She was into sports when in school, Volleyball was among her favorites.
  3. Amulya is popular as "Aishu" for her role in Cheluvina Chittara.
  4. Vishnuvardhan had been her co-star when she was a child artist, he attended the premier show of her first movie in lead "cheluvina chittara"
  5. She is happy that her teachers treat her casually like any other student, she remembers she was thrown out of class many times for talking
  6. Amulya was scared of Kichcha Sudeep, she was a child artist when he was the lead actor in Maharaja and Chandu
  7. She wanted to be doctor if she wasn't an actress. She doesn't mind seeing blood or accidents, she in fact is curious to see operations
  8. Initially Amulya took only one film an year to concentrate on the studies.
  9. Amulya's father was very close to her, he died untimely during the release of her movie "Premism"
  10. "Chicken" is her favorite food.
  11. She likes going out with her friends and going out for shopping
  12. She wants to act in lead with challenging star Darshan, she had acted as a child artist with him in Laali Haadu
  13. Sommnna, associate director of "Chelivna Chittara" showed her photo to S Narayan, she was called to the interview, S Narayan told her personally that he liked her but she would be too young for the character, but after a month or so, she was finalized for the character
  14. She is a good cook as well, especially any food with Chicken in it, Sundays are special for her because of chicken
  15. Amulya was in 8th standard when she made her debut as the lead sctress
  16. She says she was thrilled to see her photo on the back of an Auto rickshaw.
  17. Amulya wants to stop her studies after B.Com, her mom insists her to study for few more years.
  18. She wants to do M.B.A though correspondence course, as she doesn't want to compromise with her acting career.
  19. While in school, she trained as Bharatanatyam dancer and has obtained a green belt in Karate.
  20. Amulya considers Darshan as her guide, S Narayan as her mentor, and her mother as the God Father.
  21. Amulya was initially scared of director/Actor Prakash Raj for he had mostly appeared in
  22. She is disappointed that no one proposed to her when she was in college :)
  23. Amulya received the nickname of "Golden Queen" for her second super success "Shravani Subramanya" with "Golden Star" Ganesh
  24. A mad fan of hers had "Amulya" tattooed on his wrist, he entered her school and demanded to see her, of course he was denied ans shooed away.

Amulya: Filmography (20)

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2016 Maduveya Mamatheya Kareyole[Actress(Khushi)]
2016 Krishna Rukku[Actress(Rukku)]
2015 Khushi Khushiyagi[Actress(Nandini)]
2015 Male[Actress]
2015 Ramleela[Actress(Chandrakala/Chandu)]
2014 Gajakesari[Actress(Meera)]
2013 Shravani Subramanya[Actress(Shravani)]
2011 Manasalogy[Actress(Siri)]
2010 Premism[Actress(Amulya D\'Souza)]
2010 Nanu Nanna Kanasu[Actress(Kanasu)]
2008 Chaithrada Chandrama[Actress(Ammu)]
2007 Sajani[Actress(Vikram\'s sister)]
2007 Thimma[Actress]
2007 Cheluvina Chitthara[Actress(Aishwarya (Aishu))]
2006 Thananam Thananam[Actress]
2006 Kallarali Hoovagi[Actress]
2005 Maharaja[Actress]
2005 Namma Basava[Actress]
2003 Laali Haadu[Actress]
2002 Chandu[Actress(Akki (Chandu\'s daughter-in-law))]


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  1. I want to strike a balance between performance-oriented and glamour roles
  2. If fans want to see me in glamorous roles, I will do them