Dr Rajkumar

Dr Rajkumar

Dr Rajkumar (1929-2006) is a Kannada Actor, Singer, known for the movies Naandi(1964), Hoovu Hannu(1993), Veera Kesari(1963)

NameDr Rajkumar (ಡಾ. ರಾಜ್‌ಕುಮಾರ್, ಅಣ್ಣಾವ್ರು)
TitlesAnnaavru, Nata saarvabhauma,ನಟಸಾರ್ವಭೌಮ,Devataa Manushya,Bangarada Manushya,Karnataka Rathna
Other NamesSinganalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju,Vara Nata, Gaana Gandharva, Rasikara Raja, Vishwa Maanava
Date Of Birth24 April 1929
Age(Age at Death: 76 years 11 months 19 days)
Place Of BirthGajanur, Tamil Nadu
Date Of Death12 April 2006
Place Of DeathBangalore, Karnataka
WifeParvatamma Rajkumar(Producer)
SonsShivaraj Kumar(Actor) , Raghavendra Rajkumar(Actor) , Punith Rajkumar(Actor)
DaughtersPoornima , Lakshmi
FatherSinganalluru Puttaswamayyan(Theater artist)
Sister-In-LawSharadamma(wife of SP VaradaRaju)
GrandsonVinay Rajkumar(Actor)
Brother-In-LawBalakrishna(husband of sister Sharadamma)
Favorite ActorShivaji Ganeshan
TeacherAppannappa(both his & his father's)


The most famous figure of Kannada film industry. A versatile actor who has acted in varying roles. He suited historical roles as well as modern roles with grace. He has also sung many melodious songs.

Childhood, Family, Personal Life

Dr Rajkumar was born as Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju on Wednesday, 24 April 1929 in Gajanur, Tamil Nadu; a village at the border between Karnataka & Tamil Nadu to Puttaswamayya (Father) & Lakshmamma(Mother) , in a Kannada speaking family as their eldest son. Both of his parents were theatre artists. His father made regular appearances in prominent negative roles in Dramas like Kamsa, Ravana, Hiranyakashipu, Bheema, Jalandhara. His father was from Singanallur near Kollegala, His mother was from Dodda Gajanur, Tamil Nadu.

Rajkumar has a brother named S.P.Varadaraju and sisters named Sharadamma & Nagamma.

Education: Rajkumar only studied till 3rd standard, after that he left school and joined Drama company, where he learnt literature, his English knowledge comes from interactions with people.

Marriage: Rajkumar married Raja Gourava (who later became popular as Parvathamma Rajkumar), his distant relative. 

Children: Dr Rajkumar & Parvathamma had five children in total. 2 daughter & 3 Sons (in the order of their birth):

  1. Shivaraj Kumar
  2. Laksmi Rajkumar
  3. Raghavendra Rajkumar
  4. Poornima Rajkumar
  5. Puneeth Rajkumar

Shiva Rajkumar, the first among their children is a noted Kannada actor, he has so far acted in more than 100 movies and has a huge following in Karnataka.

dr rajkumar family: wife parvathamma, sons shivarajkumar, puneeth rajkumar, raghavendra rajkumar
Dr rajkumar family: wife Parvathamma, sons Shivarajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar, Raghavendra Rajkumar

Raghavendra Rajkumar began his career as a lead actor and excelled in it, he was seen in romantic comedies like Nanjundi Kalyana which are among the all time super hits of Kannada films. He has moved on to making movies now, his son Vinay Rajkumar made his debut into films as a lead actor through Siddhartha(2015)

Daughter Poornima, the youngest daughter, was seen as a child artist in the movie Premada Kanike(1976), She is also the producer of the movie Pandavaru(2006) and is married to Kannada actor Ramkumar. "Poornima Combines", the production company of Rajkumar family is named after her.

Puneeth Rajkumar is also an actor in Kannada films, he is currently one of the lead actors with most demand,He is a singer & producer as well. With more than 40 acting credits, more than 50 singing credits.

Relationship with Actress Leelavathi: There have been rumors about relationship of actress Leelavathi & Dr Rajkumar, in a recent book written by Ravi Belagere the actress has revealed about her romantic relationship with Dr Raj and that her son Vinod Raj, is Dr Raj's child. Writing about the relationship Ravi Belagere commented "Dr Raj, is no doubt one of the greatest personalities of Kannada, not just because of his acting, but because of the person he was, he would have become even greater had he publicly accepted his relationship with the actress."

Abduction: Dr Rajkumar, when he was visiting his hometown Gajanur was kidnapped by Veerappan, he was in hostage for 108 days after which a deal was made and he was released.

Death: He died of cardiac arrest at his home in Sadashiva Nagar, Bangalore on 12 April 2006 at the age of 77. It was unexpected and came as a shock to his fans. His memorial has been constructed at Kanteerava Studios, Bangalore. 

The day of death was announced holiday for the sake of ease of maintenance of Law & order. There were few acts of violence, there was a huge crowd attending his funeral ceremony, Police had to use guns to control the crowd. Few were reported to have died in the mishap.


Gubbi Veeranna Drama Company: Dr Raj joined Gubbi Veeranna's company when he was just 8 year old. His father Puttaswamy was an artist himself and that helped him get into the films.

Movie Debut: Dr Rajkumar appeared in the movie Sri Srinivasa Kalyana(1952) in a small role (Agasthya Rishi), that was the beginning of his career.

Movie Debut in lead role: Rajkumar's first lead role was in Bedara Kannappa(1954) , a devotional drama directed by H L N Simha starring: Dr Rajkumar, G V Iyer, T R Narasimha Raju. H. L. N. Simha, the director of the film renamed Mutturaju to Rajkumar.

100th Movie: Bhaagyada Baagilu(1968 ), a Drama movie directed by K S L Swamy starring: T N Balakrishna, B Vijayalakshmi was his 100th movie.

200the Movie:  Devataa Manushya(1988), an Action, Crime movie drected by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao starring Geetha, K S Ashwath was his 200th movie.

Last movieShabdavedhi(2000), an action film against drug mafia was his last film, it was directed by S Narayan, he was paired with Jayaprada.

Awards & Redcognition: 

  • 1963: Santa Thukarama- Best Actor Award (President Medal) 
  • 1967: Title of Nata Saarvabhouma from the Government of Karnataka
  • 1968: Bangaarada Hoovu: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1971: Kula Gourava: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1973: Gandhada Gudi: Best Actor (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 1975: Bhakta Kumbara: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1975: Mayura: Best Actor (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 1975: Babruvaahana: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1976: Honorary Doctorate from Mysore University
  • 1978: Shankar Guru: Best Actor (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 1981: Keralida Simha: Best Actor (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 1982: Hosa Belaku: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1983: Haalu Jenu: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1983: Padma Bhushan from Govt. of India.
  • 1984: Shravana Banthu: Best Actor (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 1985: Ade Kannu: Best Actor (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 1985: Kentucky colonel award by the governor of Kentucky, United States.
  • 1986: Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma: Best Actor (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 1989: Devatha Manushya: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1992: Karnataka Ratna from Karnataka State Govt.
  • 1992: Best Male Playback Singer (National Film Award) for the song "Naadamaya Ee Lokavella" from the movie "Jeevana Chaitra"
  • 1993: Aakasmika: Best Actor (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 1993: Jeevana Chaitra: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1994: Odahuttidavaru: Best Actor (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1994: Aakasmika: Best Playback Singer for "Huttidare Kannada Nadal Huttabeku" (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1995: Thayi Illada Thavaru: Best Playback Singer for " Arishina kunkuma" (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 1995: Dada Saheb Phalke Award, a pretigious award for the lifetime achievement in films.
  • 1999: The Nadoja Award, an honorary Doctorate from Hampi University
  • 2002: NTR National Award
  • 2003: Kannadiga of the year by ETV Kannada.
  • 2005: Sarthaka Suvarna: Felicitation ceremony for honoring Rajkumar for his 50 years of service to Karnataka & Kannada Art.
  • 2009: Postal Stamps and Gold coins with Dr Raj's face were released by the Govt of India.
  • 2011: Bharat Ratna nomination from Karnataka Govt.
  • There are more than 1000 statues of Dr Raj installed throughout Karnataka.
  • Title of "Vishwa Maanava" by the famous poet Kuvempu.
  • A road named after the star in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Rajkumar, the Philathropist

  • Dr. Rajkumar Eye Bank: Dr Raj, donated his eyes & was part of the campaign to raise awareness towards eye donation. Eye bank was started in 1994.
  • Blood donation camps: He donated blood often and recommended that deveryone does that.
  • Donations to charity
  • Colelcting funds for Kargil Victims: Dr Raj walked the length of Karnataka to collect funds for the war victims of Kargil war.
  • Donations to Ashrams: He donated his devotional album colelctions to ashrams.


Dr Rajkumar: Photos, Pictures

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Rajkumar black and white
Rajkumar black and white
Dr rajkumar and vishnuvardhan together on dr raj's birthday
Dr rajkumar and vishnuvardhan together on dr raj's birthday
Daari tappida maga
Daari tappida maga

Dr Rajkumar: Videos

Dr Rajkumar's Biopic
Dr Rajkumar's Biopic
Natasarwabouma Full Movie : Rajkumar
Natasarwabouma Full Movie : Rajkumar

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. The trio of Rajkumar, Udaya Kumar and Kalyan Kumar was called "Kumara Thrayaru" of the Kannada cinema.
  2. Rajkumar was groomed by Gubbi Veeranna, Rajkumar was seen in Dramas from the age of 8 till 25, after which he moved to movies predominantly.
  3. He never associated himself with any politician or political party. While rest of the stars of South India took to politics, Dr Rajkumar stayed an artist all his life, perhaps that's why he is accepted by each and all.
  4. He died of cardiac arrest at his residence in Bangalore
  5. Dr Raj's movies like Ranadheera Kantheerava, Immadi Pulikeshi, Mayura celebrate the culture of Karnataka & history of ancient kingdoms of Karnataka
  6. P.B Srinivas sung very frequently for Dr Rajkumar. People often called PBS Shaareera(Voice) & Rajkmuar as Shareera(body) of the actor Rajkumar.
  7. He was named Mutturaja, after Muthaththii Raya(Lord of Muthaththi=Hanuman)
  8. Dr Raj donated all the earnings of his devotional albums to Ashrams
  9. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Mysore.
  10. HLN Simha renamed him Rajkumar for his movie Bedara Kannappa
  11. Dr Rajkumar was a regular practitioner of Yoga, Pranayama & Carnatic music. The practice of first two which he attributes for his health & young looks.
  12. He called his producers as "Anna Daataru" (food givers) & fans as "Abhimaani Devarugalu" (Fan Gods) such was the humility of the man.
  13. SPB has sung numerous songs for Dr Rajkumar, Rajkumar returned the favor by singing for SPB in the movie "Muddina Maava"
  14. "Yare Koogadali" from Sampathige Sawal(1974) was turning point in his singing career, he had sung few songs here and there, but this turned him into a regular popular singer.
  15. Dr Rajkumar was celebrated as the representative of entire Karnataka for his pro-karnataka movements.
  16. His family was poor, Rajkumar as a kid he did not have money to buy sweets, he kicked a dog and it bit him, as was the tradition back then, a medicinal herb was squeezed and tied over with a coin of one anna, which he would use to buy sweets.
  17. He always wore simple white dhoti and shirt at home or otherwise unless he playing a role in the movies.
  18. Dr Rajkumar acted only in Kannada films except "Sri Kalahastiswara Mahatyam" in Telugu, which itself was a remake of his own Kannada movie "Bedara Kannappa"
  19. Rajkumar was introduced to Yoga by yoga teacher H S Naikar when Rajkumar was 50 years old and was troubled by back pain.
  20. He has acted in more double roles & Triple roles than anyone else in the industry.
  21. He was sometimes called "John Wayne of South Indian cinema"
  22. 1968 was a golden year for Dr Rajkumar, about 16 movies were released in a single year
  23. He received in 2002 the NTR National Award.
  24. He is a recipient of the Padma Bhushan and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1995.
  25. Rajkumar was trained under the tutelage of Dr. Gubbi Veeranna, Subbaiah Naidu, Mohamed Peer Saab
  26. He was a devotee of sage Raghavendra swami of Mantralaya.
  27. Rajkumar has sung devotional songs for deities of Hanuman & Sri Raghavendra.
  28. At the age of 71, he was kidnapped from Gajanur by the infamous forest dacoit Veerappan, and was kept under watch for 108 days before making some demands and releasing him afterwards.
  29. Rajkumar regularly used to visit the seat of siddanandaswamy in hubli in his early 20s.
  30. He walked collecting funds to help Kargil Victims
  31. In his long span of about 45 years of acting, he never appeared in roles seen smoking, drinking or even using curse words.
  32. Rajkumar was a fan of the veteran villain "Vajramuni", he burst into tears at Vajramuni's funeral.
  33. Some of actresses popularly paired with Dr. Rajkumar are: Jayanti (36 films), Leelavathi (28),Bharati (28 ), Kalpana (19), Pandaribai (18), Aarathi (13), B. Saroja Devi (10)

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1980 Ravi Chandra[Actor(Ravi/ Chandra),Playback Singer,Presenter]
1980 Vasantha Geetha[Actor(Vasantha),Playback Singer,Presenter]
1979 Huliya Halina Mevu[Actor(Chengumani),Playback Singer,Presenter]
1979 Naanobba Kalla[Actor(in dual role),Playback Singer,Presenter]
1978 Operation Diamond Racket[Actor(CID 999),Playback Singer]
1978 Shankar Guru[Actor(Rajashekhar/ Shankar/Guru),Playback Singer,Presenter]
1978 Thayige Thakka Maga[Actor,Playback Singer,Presenter]
1977 Babruvahana[Actor(Arjuna / Babruvahana),Playback Singer]
1977 Bhagyavantharu[Actor,Playback Singer]
1977 Giri Kanye[Actor,Playback Singer,Presenter]
1977 Sanaadi Appanna[Actor(Appanna),Playback Singer]
1977 Olavu Geluvu[Actor,Playback Singer]
1976 Badavara Bandhu[Actor,Playback Singer]
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1976 Naa Ninna Mareyalare[Actor,Playback Singer]
1976 Premada Kanike[Actor(Manohar)]
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1975 Daari Tappida Maga[Actor(Prashanth/ Prakash),Playback Singer]
1975 Mayura[Actor(Mayura/ Nilakanthagupta),Playback Singer]
1975 Thrimurthy[Actor,Playback Singer]
1974 Bangaarada Panjara[Actor(Beera),Playback Singer]
1974 Bhakta Kumbara[Actor(Gora)]
1974 Eradu Kanasu[Actor(Ramu)]
1974 Sampatthige Saval[Actor(Veerabhadra),Playback Singer,Presenter]
1974 Sri Srinivasa Kalyana[Actor(Srinivasa),Playback Singer]
1973 Bidugade[Actor]
1973 Devaru Kotta Thangi[Actor]
1973 Doorada Betta[Actor]
1973 Gandhada Gudi[Actor(Kumar, a forest range officer)]
1973 Mooruvare Vajragalu[Actor]
1973 Swayamvara[Actor]
1972 Bangaarada Manushya[Actor(Rajiv)]
1972 Bhale Huchcha[Actor(Gopi),Presenter]
1972 Hrudaya Sangama[Actor]
1972 Jaga Mecchida Maga[Actor]
1972 Janma Rahasya[Actor]
1972 Kranti Veera[Actor,Playback Singer]
1972 Nanda Gokula[Actor(Anand)]
1972 Sipayi Ramu[Actor(Ramu)]
1971 Baala Bandhana[Actor(Ranga)]
1971 Kaasidre Kailasa[Actor(Gopi)]
1971 Kasturi Nivasa[Actor(Ravi Varma)]
1971 Kulagaurava[Actor(Ravi)]
1971 Namma Samsara[Actor]
1971 Nyayave Devaru[Actor]
1971 Prathidhwani[Actor(Inspector Ashok)]
1971 Sakshatkara[Actor(Mahesh)]
1971 Sri Krishna Rukmini Satyabhama[Actor(Lord Krishna)]
1971 Thayi Devaru[Actor(Krishna)]
1970 Baalu Belagithu[Actor(Shankar/ Papanna)]
1970 Bhale Jodi[Actor(Suresh/ Ramesh)]
1970 Bhoopathi Ranga[Actor(Bhaskar)]
1970 C.I.D. Rajanna[Actor(Rajanna)]
1970 Devara Makkalu[Actor,Presenter]
1970 Hasiru Thorana[Actor(Madhu)]
1970 Karulina Kare[Actor(Parameshi)]
1970 Mister Rajkumar[Actor]
1970 Nadina Bhagya[Actor]
1970 Nanna Thamma[Actor]
1970 Paropakari[Actor]
1970 Sri Krishnadevaraya[Actor(Sri Krishnadevaraya)]
1969 Bhale Raja[Actor]
1969 Chikkamma[Actor,Presenter]
1969 Choori Chikkanna[Actor(Bhaskar)]
1969 Gandondu Hennaru[Actor(Anand)]
1969 Mallammana Pavada[Actor(Chandru)]
1969 Margadarshi[Actor(Srikanth)]
1969 Mayor Muthanna[Actor(Muthanna)]
1969 Operation Jackpot Nalli C.I.D 999[Actor(Prakash)]
1969 Punarjanma[Actor]
1969 Uyyale[Actor(Krishna)]
1968 Amma[Actor(Sridhara)]
1968 Bangalore Mail[Actor]
1968 Bhagya Devathe[Actor]
1968 Bhagyada Bagilu[Actor]
1968 Dhoomaketu[Actor]
1968 Gandhinagara[Actor]
1968 Goa Dalli CID 999[Actor(CID 999)]
1968 Hannele Chiguridaga[Actor(Prasad)]
1968 Jedara Bale[Actor(Prakash)]
1968 Mahasati Arundhati[Actor]
1968 Manassakshi[Actor(Somu)]
1968 Mannina Maga[Actor]
1968 Sarvamangala[Actor(Nataraja)]
1968 Simha Swapna[Actor(Manohara)]
1967 Bangarada Hoovu[Actor]
1967 Beedi Basavanna[Actor]
1967 Chakra Theertha[Actor]
1967 Devara Gedda Manava[Actor]
1967 Gange Gowri[Actor]
1967 Immadi Pulikeshi[Actor(immadi Pulikeshi)]
1967 Lagna Pathrike[Actor]
1967 Manassiddare Marga[Actor]
1967 Paarvati Kalyana[Actor(Lord Shiva)]
1967 Rajadurgada Rahasya[Actor]
1967 Rajashekhara[Actor(Shekhara)]
1967 Sathi Sukanya[Actor]
1966 Baala Nagamma[Actor]
1966 Katari Veera[Actor]
1966 Kiladi Ranga[Actor]
1966 Madhu Maalathi[Actor]
1966 Mantralaya Mahatme[Actor(Sri Raghavendra Swami)]
1966 Mohini Bhasmasura[Actor]
1966 Premamayi[Actor]
1966 Sandhya Raga[Actor(Lakshmana)]
1966 Sri Kannika Parameshwari Kathe[Actor]
1966 Thoogudeepa[Actor]
1966 Emme Thammanna[Actor]
1965 Bettada Huli[Actor(Bettada Kalla)]
1965 Chandrahasa[Actor(chandrahasa)]
1965 Ide MahaSudina[Actor]
1965 Maduve Madi Nodu[Actor]
1965 Mahasati Anasuya,[Actor]
1965 Nagapooja[Actor]
1965 Pathivratha[Actor]
1965 Sarvajna Murthy[Actor]
1965 Sathi Savithri[Actor]
1965 Sathya Harishchandra[Actor(Harishchandra)]
1965 Vaatsalya[Actor]
1964 Annapoorna[Actor]
1964 Chandavalliya Thota[Actor]
1964 Muriyada Mane[Actor]
1964 Naandi[Actor(Murthy)]
1964 Navakoti Narayana[Actor(Narayana/ Purandara Dasa)]
1964 Prathigne[Actor]
1964 Shivagange Mahatme[Actor]
1964 Shivarathri Mahatme[Actor]
1964 Thumbida Koda[Actor]
1963 Chandra Kumaara[Actor]
1963 Gowri[Actor]
1963 Jeevana Taranga[Actor]
1963 Kalitharu Henne[Actor]
1963 Kanyaa Rathna[Actor(Raja)]
1963 Kulavadhu[Actor]
1963 Malli Maduve[Actor]
1963 Mana Mecchida Madadi[Actor]
1963 Nanda Deepa[Actor]
1963 Saaku Magalu[Actor(Raghu)]
1963 Santha Thukaram[Actor(Santha Thukarama)]
1963 Sathi Shakthi[Actor]
1963 Sri Ramanjaneya Yuddha[Actor(Lord Rama)]
1963 Valmiki[Actor(Valmiki)]
1963 Veera Kesari[Actor]
1962 Bhoodaana[Actor]
1962 Devasundari[Actor,Playback Singer]
1962 Gaali Gopura[Actor]
1962 Karuneye Kutumbada Kannu[Actor]
1962 Mahatma Kabir[Actor(Kabir)]
1962 Swarna Gowri[Actor]
1962 Thejaswini[Actor]
1962 Vidhi Vilasa[Actor(Madhava)]
1961 Bhakta Chetha[Actor(Chetha)]
1961 Kaivara Mahatme[Actor]
1961 Kannterudu Nodu[Actor]
1961 Kittur Chennamma[Actor(Sangolli Rayanna)]
1961 Naagaarjuna[Actor]
1961 Sree Shaila Mahathme[Actor]
1960 Ranadheera Kanteerava[Actor(Ranadheera Kanteerava (Narasaraja Wodeyar I)),Producer]
1960 Rani Honnamma[Actor]
1960 Aasha Sundari[Actor]
1960 Dashavathara[Actor(Hiranya Kashipu/ Ravana/ Shishupala),Playback Singer]
1960 Bhakta Kanakadasa[Actor]
1959 Jagajyothi Basaveshwara[Actor(King Bijjala)]
1959 Dharma Vijaya[Actor]
1959 Mahishasura Mardini[Actor(Mahishasura),Playback Singer]
1959 Abba Aa Hudugi[Actor]
1958 Bhookailasa[Actor(Ravana)]
1958 Krishna Garudi[Actor]
1958 Anna Thangi[Actor]
1957 Rayara Sose[Actor]
1957 Sati Nalaayini[Actor]
1956 Bhakta Vijaya[Actor]
1956 Hari Bhakta[Actor]
1956 Ohileshwara[Actor]
1956 Tenali Ramakrishna[Actor(Tenali Ramakrishna)]
1955 Sodari[Actor(Kailasanatha)]
1954 Bedara Kannappa[Actor(Manimantha, Dinnappa, Kannappa)]
1952 Sri Srinivasa Kalyana[Actor(One of the Saptharshis)]


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  1. My abduction is a great lesson for the two southern States, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Despite my hardships, I must say that it is a blessing in disguise because it underlines the urgent need for the much required unity between Tamils and Kannadigas
  2. I don't know whether I will ever see God. But for me all those who are assembled here are my Gods