Disco Shanti

Disco Shanti

Disco Shanti is a Kannada Actress known for the movies Hendthighelbedi(1989), Anthima Ghatta(1987), Kiladi Thatha(1990)

Other NamesDisco Shanthi
Place Of BirthChennai, Tamil Nadu
Wiki Pagehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disco_Shanti
SisterLalitha Kumari(younger sister; actress)
HusbandSri Hari(actor;m.1996-2013, until his death)
DaughterAkshara Srihari
Mother TongueTamil
FatherC L Anandan
SonsShashank Srihari , Megamsh Srihari


Disco Shanti is an Indian actress, particularly famous in the Southern India for her appearances in the Item Songs, she ruled the niche for quite a long time, lead actresses weren't keen to accept glamorous roles/appearances back then, Disco Shanti rose to fame in the 1908s and 1990s.

She has appeared in various languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi & Oriya language movies, in a total of more than 100 movies.

Personal Life

Disco Shanti was born as to C L Anandan (Father) in Hyderabad, Telangana. Her father was a veteran Tamil actor, popularly known "Vijayapuri Veeran". She has a sister named Lalitha Kumari, who is an actress as well and is recognized for her lead roles.

Marriage: Disco Shanti married Srihari, an actor popular in the Telugu film industry in 1996. It is said that he fell in love with her after her appearance in the movie Ghayal, he tried proposing to her a few times, he was seen in small roles back then and she did not take him seriously as it was normal for her to get many proposals back then. Finally when she realized he was seriously in Love with her, she took him to her mother.

She left her career as an actress after her marriage. Srihari died of Lever complications caused by Jaundice in 2013 while shooting for the movie "Rambo Rajkumar". (Shanti too has a liver ailment, she was admitted to an hospital in Singapore for the lever transplant, which was successful.)

Disco Shanti family- Husband Srhari, Sons Shashank & Megamsh
Disco Shanti family- Husband Srhari, Sons Shashank & Megamsh

Children: She has three children with SriHari; 2 boys & a Girl. Her daughter Akshara Srihari deceased when she was just four months old. Shashank Srihari  & Megamsh Srihari are her two sons. Her elder Son Shashank wants to be a movie director, while the younger one Megamsh wants to become an actor.

Film Career

 Shanti made her debut through 1986 Tamil movie Udaya Geetham, a movie starring Mohan, revathi & Lakshmi; directed by K Rangaraj.

Shanti tried few supporting roles in some of the movies hoping to get better roles & to show off her acting skills. By that time she was getting offers for item songs, flooded by the demand she chose to get recognized for her dancing skills.

She has appeared in more than 100 movies in a career spanning 11 years from 1985 to 1996. She has stopped acting after marriage, her husband was an actor and she took the family responsibilities.

Hindi movie Dirty picture which is inspired from Silk smitha's life is also said to have picked few incidents from Disco Shanti's experiences in the film industry.

Hindi movie Aatank(1996) is her last movie on screen before marriage. the movie starred Dharmendra, Hema Malini.

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Disco shanti
Disco shanti
Disco shanti with husband srihari and sons
Disco shanti with husband srihari and sons
Disco shanti with husband srihari and sons
Disco shanti with husband srihari and sons
Disco shanti with husband srihari
Disco shanti with husband srihari

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Disco Shanti & Real Star Sri Hari interview
Disco Shanti & Real Star Sri Hari interview
Disco Shanthi exclusive interview
Disco Shanthi exclusive interview

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Her younger sister Lalitha Kumari was married to Prakash Raj
  2. Srihari & Shanti adopted villages in Medchal through "Akshara Foundation", a foundation named after their daughter.

Disco Shanti: Filmography (69)

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1996 Stunt Master[Actress]
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1992 Police File[Actress]
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1991 Anatha Rakshaka[Actress]
1991 Mathru Bhagya[Actress]
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1991 Shivaraj[Actress]
1991 SP Bhargavi[Actress]
1990 Anantha Prema[Actress]
1990 Ashwamedha[Actress]
1990 Challenge[Actress]
1990 Challenge Gopalakrishna[Actress]
1990 Kiladi Thatha[Actress]
1990 Nammoora Hammeera[Actress]
1990 Poli Kitty[Actress]
1990 Pundara Ganda[Actress]
1990 Sididedda Gandu[Actress]
1989 Avathara Purusha[Actress]
1989 CBI Shankar[Actress]
1989 Hendthighelbedi[Actress]
1989 Hosa Kavya[Actress]
1989 Idu Sadhya[Actress(Chitra)]
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