Yogaraj Bhat

Yogaraj Bhat

Yogaraj Bhat (1972-0) is a Kannada Writer, Director known for the movies Lucia(2013), Lifeu Ishtene(2011), Mungaru Male(2006)

Date Of Birth8 October 1973
Age50 years 7 months 18 days
Place Of BirthHaveri, Karnataka
WifeRenuka Bhat
DaughtersPanchami Bhat , Punarvasu Bhat(Elder)
Favorite Actordr rajkumar
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Favorite MovieGodfather, Seven Samurai, Ran(Kurasawa)
BrotherPrakash bhat(Elder)
Facebook Profile
Favorite SingerDr Rajkumar, A R Rahman, Ghulam Ali, Bhimsen Joshi and Jagjit Singh.
Favorite WriterPoornachandra Tejaswi, Da Ra Bendre, Mirza Ghalib, Mark Twain, Jayant Kaikini
MotherJayalakshmi Bhat
FatherRamachandra Bhat
Favorite FoodIdli sambar, jolada rotti, khali dosa
Favorite Vacation DestinationHimachal Pradesh, Germany, Switzerland


Yogaraj Bhat is a Kannada film director, writer (Lyrics, story, screenplay), Playback singer & producer with more than 10 movies to his credit. Yograj became famous after his box office super hit Mungaru Male.

Childhood, Family & Personal Life

Yogaraj Bhat was born on Monday, 8 October 1973 in Thilavalli, Haveri, Karnataka to Jayalakshmi Bhat(Mother) & Ramachandra Bhat(Father). His parents are basically from Dakshina Kannada. His parents have a hotel business.

He has six siblings. Prakash bhat is one of his elder brothers ,he is an Engineer by profession.

He is married to Renuka Bhat & has two children, a son named Punarvasu Bhat and a daughter named Panchami Bhat.

Yogaraj Bhat family: wife Renuka Bhat and daughter Punarvasu Bhat.
Yogaraj Bhat family: wife Renuka Bhat and daughter Punarvasu Bhat.

Education: He was good at studies, his elder brothers wanted him to study Diploma after SSLC, but Yogaraj Bhat's appetite for food did not let him leave his home to go to the city to study. He is a graduate with expertise in both Kannada & Hindi. He joined for M.A in Mysore, but later discontinued. He wanted to do M.A & L.L.B, he was influenced by the writing of one of his favorite writers & gave up further studies.

Movie Career

Yogaraj Bhat had a friend Suresh (L.L.B) in Mysore (when he was studying M.A) who introduced him to the English movies. Yogaraj bhat was already a fan of English Literature, he watched numerous good movies of Hollywood with subtitles & liked the idea of getting into movies.

Yogaraj Bhat came to film industry at the age of 22, he wanted to be a Cameraman initially, he was very much  into cinematography.

TV Career:

When he was 28 he was given the opportunity to direct the TV serial Chakra(2001). Saadhane was another serial he wrote & directed.

He has also been a judge in the comedy reality show "Comedy Kiladigalu".


Yogaraj Bhat was an associate director in the film Kraurya(1996), it was directed by Girish Kasaravalli.

Movie DebutMani(2003) was Yogaraj Bhat's debut movie, it was a romantic movie starring Radhika KumaraswamyMayur Patel. It was a critically acclaimed movie with 4 state awards.

He has diercted corporate films & documentaries in between.

Mungaru Male(2006) is his most popular movie so far. It has been one of the biggest grosser in the entire South India, not just Kannada film industry.

He started his acting career with the film Dyavre directed by one of his assistants.

Yogaraj Bhat is popular for his simplicity, his humorous dialogues, uniqueness of characters are his specialities.

Lyrics & Writing: starting from his first movie Mani Yogaraj started writing Lyrics, Mungaru Male songs brought him the popularity. He frequently writes lyrics for his movies. Almost all his movies feature at least a song of his. 

His lyrics are often humorous, melodious, with message, sometimes without message, contradictory. Simple contemporary language with the capacity to make the audience feel special about it are his positives.

Yogaraj Bhat and Duniya soori are very good friends & can be seen collaborating with each other's works.

Yogaraj Bhat: Photos, Pictures

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Kannada director yogaraj bhat family wife renuka bhat and daughter Punarvasu bhat.
Kannada director yogaraj bhat family wife renuka bhat and daughter Punarvasu bhat.
Mano murthy with yograj bhat and jayanth kaykini
Mano murthy with yograj bhat and jayanth kaykini
Yogaraj bhat
Yogaraj bhat
Yogaraj bhat
Yogaraj bhat

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Yogaraj Bhat started a production team under the name "Yogaraj Movies"
  2. He likes candid acting which are realistic and don't look like it is being made but as if it was captured in a hidden camera.
  3. He made Audio CDs from school text books with music to formulas, to help them memorize the lines.
  4. He has worked under directors Girish Kasaravalli, Suni Kumar Desai and B Suresh as an assistant.
  5. Yogaraj Bhat was nickname "Goggayya" by some of his actors.
  6. He tried growing pigs in Sakaleshpura, where he had a farm.
  7. Yogaraj Bhat prefers local talents for the sake of ease of dialogue delivery & timing that only locals can perfect.
  8. Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma (1986), Duniya(2007), Seven Samurai(1954), Dil Chahta Hai(2001), Titanic(1997), Before Sunrise are among his favorite movies.
  9. Yogaraj Bhat considers his father "Ramachandra Bhat" as his inspiration. For his simplicity & adherence to Vedic philosophy.
  10. Mungaru Male is the first movie to run for an year continuously in a Multiplex.
  11. His father died in a boat accident.
  12. Duniya Soori, Pawan Kumar , Pavan Wadeyar, Preetam Gubbi, Ravikiran Vikas, Gadda Viji, Veerendra are among the famous directors in the industry who worked under Yogaraj Bhat.
  13. There is a scene in Manasaare where the hero tries to generate electricity from the vehicles running on road. It was actually influenced by Yogaraj Bhat's real life.
  14. He was good at sports, especially Volleyball.
  15. Yogaraj Bhat used to write stories in Newspapers & Magazines. One of his friends suggest him to write movie stories.
  16. After Mungaru Male Yogaraj Bhat got 40+ offers, he gave them to his assistants & colleagues. Yogaraj Bhat wants to bring new talents to foresight so that there can be a generation of good directors who can lift the industry together.
  17. Mungaru Male is said to have accumulated more than 70 Crores officially, unofficially it is said to have grossed 100 crores.

Yogaraj Bhat: Filmography (128)

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2016 Mummy[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Parapancha[Actor,Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Virat[Writer (Lyrics)]
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2016 Ishtakamya[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Jaggu Dada[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Dodmane Hudga[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Dana Kayonu[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2016 Mukunda Murari[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Santhu Straight Forward[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Badmash[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Nanu Matthu Varalakshmi –[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Missed Call[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Jackson[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Raja Rajendra[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Mythri[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Benkipatna[Writer (Lyrics),Playback Singer]
2015 Raate[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Vaastu Prakaara[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Producer,Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2015 Endendigu[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Mrugashira[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Ranna[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Bullet Basya[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Sapnon Ki Rani[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Muddu Manase[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Kenda Sampige[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Charlie[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Mr. Airavatha[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Plus[Producer,Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Vascodigama[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Boxer[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 1st Rank Raju[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Rathavara[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Prema Pallakki[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Dil Rangeela[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Ulidavaru Kandanthe[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Endendu Ninagagi[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Kwatle Sathisa[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Manikya[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Gajakesari[Writer (story),Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Preethi Geethi Ithyadi[Writer (story),Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Gar Gar Mandla[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Typical Kailas[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Rose[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Adhyaksha[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Simhadri[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Bahaddur[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Neenade Naa[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Jai Bhajarangabali[Writer (Lyrics)]
2014 Mr & Mrs Ramachari[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Topiwala[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Ziddi[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Andar Bahar[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Bacchan[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Kaddipudi[Writer (Lyrics),Playback Singer]
2013 Ale[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Googly[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Silk[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Tony[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Jayammana Maga[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Victory[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Lucia[Writer (Lyrics),Playback Singer]
2013 Brundavana[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Dilwala[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Sakkare[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Rajahuli[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Sweety[Writer (Lyrics)]
2013 Dyavre[Actor,Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2012 Chingari[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Lucky[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Anna Bond[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Breaking News[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Kiladi Kitty[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Jaanu[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Crazy Loka[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Romeo[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Shiva[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Mr. 420[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Drama[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2012 Prem Adda[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Yaare Koogadali[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Kanteerava[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Kote[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Gun[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Rama Rama Raghurama[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Kempegowda[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Prince[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Prema Chandrama[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Dhool[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Hudugaru[Writer (Lyrics),Dubbing Artist]
2011 Puttakkana Highway[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Johnny Mera Nam[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Lifeu Ishtene[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Paramathma[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue),Playback Singer]
2011 Kanchana[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Maduve Mane[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Jarasandha[Writer (Lyrics)]
2011 Vishnuvardhana[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Suryakanthi[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Sri Harikathe[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Swayamvara[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Krishnan Love Story[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Shourya[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Kari Chirathe[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Pancharangi[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Producer,Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue),Playback Singer]
2010 Jackie[Writer (Lyrics),Playback Singer]
2010 Kiccha Huccha[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Yaksha[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Eno Onthara[Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Super[Writer (Lyrics)]
2009 Circus[Writer (Lyrics)]
2009 Junglee[Writer (Lyrics)]
2009 Male Barali Manju Irali[Writer (Lyrics)]
2009 Manasare[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2009 Devru[Writer (Lyrics)]
2009 Raam[Writer (Lyrics)]
2008 Inthi Ninna Preethiya[Writer (Lyrics),Presenter]
2008 Aramane[Writer (Lyrics)]
2008 Janumada Gelathi[Writer (Lyrics)]
2007 Duniya[Writer (Lyrics)]
2007 Gaalipata[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2006 Mungaru Male[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2004 Ranga (SSLC)[Director]
2003 Mani[Director,Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Playback Singer]
1996 Kraurya[Director (Associate)]


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  1. The most amazing thing about Ganesh is his memory. He can remember pages of dialogues without any difficulty.
  2. I am stuck at 20. Even at 70 I will still be making films for the 20-year-olds.