Radhika Pandit

Radhika Pandit

Radhika Pandit (1984-0) is a Kannada Actress known for the movies Gaana Bajaana(2010), Krishnan Love Story(2010), Love Guru(2009)

Date Of Birth7 March 1984
Age40 years 1 months 14 days
Place Of BirthBangalore, Karnataka
Brother-In-LawNaveen Kumar Gowda
Father-In-LawArun Kumar
Education (High School)Cluny Convent High School, Bangalore
Debut MovieMoggina Manasu(2008)
FatherKrishnaprasad Pandit
Education (Graduation)Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com), Mount Carmel College (Bangalore)
Wiki Pagehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radhika_Pandit
Facebook Profilehttps://www.facebook.com/RadhikaPandit/
Twitter Profilehttps://twitter.com/radhika_pandith
MotherMangala Pandit
BrotherGourang Pandit
GrandmotherRama Pandit
TeachersMary Fernandes , Joe madam
Height1.62 m (5 feet 4 inches)
YouTube IDhttps://www.youtube.com/user/radhikapandith/
Official Websitehttp://radhikapandit.in


Radhika Pundit is an Indian actress, who primarily works in Kannada movies & has worked in TV serials as well. She is one of the leading actresses of the industry and has been recognized for her works with many awards & accolades.

Childhood, Family, Personal Life

Radhika Pandit was born on Wednesday, 7 March 1984 in Bangalore, Karnataka (Bangalore Palace Nursing Home, Malleswaram) to D P Krishnaprasad Pandit (Father) & Mangala Pandit (Mother), her father hails from Uttara Kannada Saraswat Brahmin community (caste). Her mother Mangala is from Goa. Rama Pandit is her grandmother (father’s mother).

Radhika pandit childhood photo
Radhika Pandit childhood photo with Parents

Radhika Pandit with brother Gaurang
Radhika Pandit with brother Gaurang

Radhika has a younger brother named Gourang Pandit

radhika pandit with parents- mother mangala, father krishnaprasad
Radhika Pandit with parents- mother Mangala, father Krishnaprasad


  • School: She studied in Shirali Village, her native place.
  • High School: Radhika was schooeld in Cluny Convent High School, Malleshwaram, Bangalore.
  • Pre University College: Mount Carmel College.
  • Grduation: B.Com, Mount Carmel College, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore.

Radhika Pandit & Yash marriage: Radhika & Yash had started seeing each other after they appeared in the movies together, the couple had kept the relationship private and stayed away from the media eye for a long time, Yash & Radhika got engaged on 12th August 2016 in Goa (her maternal home) and married in 9th December 2016 in Bangalore. The rituals were conducted according to both Konkani(Radhika) traditions as well as Vokkaliga Gowda (Yash) tradition.

Yash & Radhika Wedding
Yash & Radhika Wedding

They went to Hawaii, Miami & Chicago for honeymoon. Radhika has expressed that she will be acting in movies as before and there won't be changes as of now.

TV Career

Radhika started her acting career through TV serials, her first TV serial was Nandagokula, in which she acted with Yash, NandaGokula marked the debut of both Yash & Radhika who went on to star in many movies together in the leading roles and eventually got married. Yash & Radhika played brother & sister in the serial, it was aired on ETV Kannada. Radhika's friend Pooja, persuaded her to give an audition, Radhika was reluctant as she hadn't even completed her B.Com yet, she was in the final year of her course.

Sumangali was another TV serial she appeared in before moving on to the silver screen.

Movie Career

Radhika acted in the movie "18th Cross" in 2007, but the movie wasn't finished until 2012.

Moggina Manasu(2008) was her debut movie, coincidentally it was Yash's first movie as well. It was directed by Shashank starring Yash & Shubha Poonja as well. Radhika received state Award for her role in the movie.

Advertisements & Endorsements

  • KLF Nirmal Coconut oil
  • Orra Jewellery
  • Gillette's

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2008: Moggina Manasu: Best Actress- Won (Karnataka State Film Award)
  • 2008: Moggina Manasu: Best Actress- Won (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 2008: Moggina Manasu: Best Actress- Won (South Filmfare Award)
  • 2009: LoveGuru: Best Actress (South Filmfare Award)
  • 2010: Krishnan Love Story: Best Actress- Won (South Filmfare Award)
  • 2010Olave Jeevana Lekkachaara: Best Actress- Won (Innovative Film Awards)
  • 2010Olave Jeevana Lekkachaara: Most Popular Actress- Nominated(Suvarna Film Awards)
  • 2010: Love Guru: Best Actress- Won (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 2010: Love Guru: Best Actress- Nominated (South Scope Cine Awards)
  • 2010: Moggina Manasu: Best Actress- Won (Karnataka State Film Awards)
  • 2011: Krishnan Love Story: Most Entertaining Heroine- won (BIG Kannada Entertainment Awards)
  • 2011: Krishnan Love Story: Best Actress- won (BIG Kannada Entertainment Awards)
  • 2011: Krishnan Love Story: Best Actress- won (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 2011: Krishnan Love Story: Best Actress- won (Udaya Film Awards)
  • 2012: Hudugaru: Best Actress- Nominated (TV9 Sandalwood Star Awards)
  • 2012: Hudugaru: Best Actress- Nominated (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 2012: Hudugaru: Best Actress- Nominated (The Bangalore Times Film Awards)
  • 2013: Addhuri: Best Actress- Nominated (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 2013: Addhuri: Best Actress- won (Udaya Film Awards)
  • 2013: Addhuri: Best Actress- Nominated (South Indian International Movie Awards)
  • 2013: Addhuri: Best Actress- Nominated (The Bangalore Times Film Awards)
  • 2014: Dilwala: Best Actress- won (South Indian International Movie Awards)
  • 2015: Most Popular Kannada actress (Bangalore Times poll)
  • 2016: Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari: Best Actress- Nomination (Filmfare Awards South)
  • 2016: Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari: Best Actress- won (South Indian International Movie Awards)
  • 2016: Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari: Best Actress- won (IIFA Utsavam)
  • 2016: Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari: Best Actress- Nomination (IBNLive Movie Awards)
  • 2016: Most Popular Kannada actress (Vijaya Karnataka’s LavalaVK poll)


Radhika Pandit: Photos, Pictures

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Radhika pandit
Radhika pandit
Radhika pandit
Radhika pandit
Radhika pandit
Radhika pandit
Radhika pandit
Radhika pandit

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Radhika Pandit & Yash were paired as if accidentally in many of their collaborations, In Nandagokula some other actor was supposed to play Yash's role, In Moggina Manasu too Yash was not the first choice. In Drama Radhika wasn't the first choice, she got the role later.
  2. Radhika Pandit & Yash dated for 6 years before getting married. They were very close friends, they would discuss who they are going out with and such other private details.
  3. Yash has stored Radhika's number on his phone as "Buddhu" as she would not recognize many of his hints that he is in Love with her.
  4. Her parents accompany her to the shooting spot
  5. Radhika Pandit acted as the brand ambassador of RTE from 2013-2014 along with Puneeth Rajkumar
  6. Radhika has habit of collecting fridge magnets from the places she visits for memory.
  7. She likes going on pilgrimage to places like Tirumala, Shirdi, Dharmasthala, Rishikesh, Mangesh (Goa)
  8. Someone told Radhika that using "Vicco turmeric tooth paste" on face would make someone fair and Radhika unaware actually used it on her face
  9. Srija, Roselind and Rachana Mohan, Kavya, Divya, Siram, Srividya were Radhika's friends in High School & college.
  10. She was called Delicate Darling (DD) in school for she was very soft and would burst into tears easily.
  11. Radhika Pandit is not particularly religious, she considers herself spiritual who believes in prayers & God as "positive energy" rather than rituals.
  12. She likes staying in her paternal house in Malleshwaram, where there were fruit trees like mangoes, gooseberry
  13. Radhika Pandit auditioned and was selected for the TV serial "Nanda Gokula"
  14. Yash proposed to Radhika on a Valentine's day.
  15. Her mother was strict with Radhika in her school days, she was rarely allowed to go out to play.
  16. During the shooting of "Krishnan Love Story" her boat leaked and she was about get sunk in the Kaveri water, 5 stunts men jumped into the water and rescued her.
  17. Gowri habba is the most celebrated festival in her household.
  18. Radhika Pandit won Filmfare award for three years continuously from 2011 to 2013, she is the first Kannada actress to achieve that.
  19. Radhika Pandit was gifted carnations, chocolates, flowers, teddy bear nd soft toys by Yash before proposing to her as they were her favorites
  20. Radhika's father looked like a hippie when in youth, but was a classically trained singer who could sing Bhimsen Joshi's songs very fluently
  21. She isn't a regular cook, however she can cook cakes & of course maggie noodles.
  22. Radhika wanted to pursue Masters in Business Management after her B.Com, but she had many options in hand by that time.
  23. Radhika pandit was very close to her grandmother Rama Pandit, she however died when Radhika was just 10.
  24. Radhika was a pet of teachers, she was a good student in school and topped the school in Social sciences & English in her 10th exams.
  25. Radhika wanted to become a teacher when she grew up
  26. Radhika Pandit's father Krishnaprasad is her inspiration & support. Krishnaprasad Pandit was an actor & director in Dramas.
  27. She was into Basketball when she was in school, she was also into singing.
  28. As a child she enjoyed playing cricket, badminton, kunta bille, lagori and hide-and-seek on the road
  29. She used to play "teacher-student" with plants when she was a child, she would take their attendence
  30. She is not a early riser, she wakes up after 8.30 unless she has film shooting
  31. Radhika & Yash married at a private event, the stage was designed by Arun Sagar
  32. Radhika & Yash gifted "Sampige" plants along with their wedding invitations.

Radhika Pandit: Filmography (20)

(All Radhika Pandit Movies)
List By:
2016 Zoom[Actress(Nayana),Playback Singer]
2016 Dodmane Hudga[Actress(Usha/Nisha)]
2016 Santhu Straight Forward[Actress(Ananya)]
2015 Endendigu[Actress(jyothi)]
2014 Bahaddur[Actress(Anjali)]
2014 Mr & Mrs Ramachari[Actress(Divya)]
2013 Kaddipudi[Actress(Uma)]
2013 Dilwala[Actress(Preethi)]
2012 Alemari (Kannada)[Actress(Neeli)]
2012 Breaking News[Actress(Shraddha)]
2012 Addhoori[Actress(Poorna)]
2012 18th Cross[Actress(Punya)]
2012 Sagar[Actress(Kajal)]
2012 Drama[Actress(Nandini)]
2011 Hudugaru[Actress(Gayathri)]
2010 Krishnan Love Story[Actress(Geetha)]
2010 Gaana Bajaana[Actress(Radha)]
2009 Olave Jeevana Lekkachara[Actress(Rukmini)]
2009 Love Guru[Actress(Kushi)]
2008 Moggina Manasu[Actress(Chanchala)]


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  1. I offer no pujas at home. I believe in the power of prayers. I think the prayer is the best way to connect with God than offering pujas or participating in rituals.
  2. I am not a religious person. And I don’t think I’m qualified to criticise or recommend a particular religion to others.
  3. We used to bunk classes and go to M G Road, watch movies in Rex or Shankar Nag theatre, shop and eat chat on Brigade Road.
  4. I used to treat the plants in our garden as students and practice teaching when I was a child
  5. I prefer performance-oriented roles where I can prove my acting ability. I discuss scripts with my parents and take a decision.