Kannada 'Doctor' Movies List

Manasa Sarovara Movie Poster A psychiatrist finds a mental troubled woman and cures her, only to lose her from his life, which in turn drives him crazy
A 1982 movie by S R Puttanna Kanagal
Actors & Actresses: Srinath, Padma Vasanthi, Damayanthi, Vijaya Chamundeshwari, Ramakrishna, G V Shivanand
Thriller, Philosophical, Drama
Geetha Movie Poster Sanju cheers up Geetha, a cancer patient
A 1981 movie by Shankar Nag
Actors & Actresses: Shankar Nag, Akshatha Rao, K S Ashwath, Sahukar Janaki, Ramesh Bhat, Gayathri Ananth nag
Romance, Musical, Drama
Bandhana Movie Poster A doctor falls in love with his student
A 1984 movie by S V Rajendra Singh Babu
Actors & Actresses: Vishnuvardhan, Suhasini Maniratnam, Jai jagadish, Roopadevi, G K Govinda Rao, Kaminidharan
Kokila Movie Poster An young guy is in love with the daughter of the house he is living in, he accidentally gets in physical relationship with the maid of the house. He decides to leave his love for the sake of the pregnant housemaid
A 1977 movie by Balu Mahendra
Actors & Actresses: Kamal Haasan, Shobha, Roja Ramani, Mohan, Manjula Rao, Mahadevu
Romance, Drama
Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara Movie Poster
A 1988 movie by Rajachandra
Actors & Actresses: Ambareesh, Ananth Nag, V Ravichandran, Kiran Juneja, Thulasi Shivamani, Mahalakshmi
Drama, Crime, Action
Hrudaya Hadithu Movie Poster A Surgeon marries his dying heart patient to keep her happy
A 1991 movie by M S Rajashekhar
Actors & Actresses: Ambareesh, Malashree, Bhavya, K S Ashwath, Sundar Krishna Urs, Girija Lokesh
Romance, Drama
Avala Hejje Movie Poster A disappointed lover seeks his ex-girlfriend and tries to molest her, she accidentally fires a bullet at him and believes him to be dead, but her nightmare begins when she finds out he is alive
A 1981 movie by H R Bhargava
Actors & Actresses: Vishnuvardhan, Ambareesh, B S Dwarakish, Lakshmi, Sundar Krishna Urs, Upasane Seetharam
Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Crime
Bereta Jeeva Movie Poster Story of two lovers united in Love
A 1965 movie by K R Seetarama Sastry
Actors & Actresses: Kalyan Kumar, B Saroja Devi, Jayanthi, K S Ashwath, T N Balakrishna, S Shivaram
Chinnari Puttanna Movie Poster A little cute boy's life:A comedy starring Narasimharaju, Directed by Panthulu
A 1968 movie by B R Panthulu
Actors & Actresses: B R Panthulu, B Vijayalakshmi, Ramesh, T R Narasimha Raju, Udayachandrika, Ranga
Family, Drama

Aaru Mooru Ombathu Movie Poster A film starring Udaykumar
A 1970 movie by K S L Swamy (Ravi)
Actors & Actresses: Uday kumar, M Leelavathi, B V Radha, Srinath, R N Sudarshan, Rajesh
Drama, Comedy
Lakshmi Saraswathi Movie Poster Lakshmi Saraswathi are identical twin sisters, one is married and another is inspired to do good to society after her mother's death
A 1970 movie by K S L Swamy (Ravi)
Actors & Actresses: B Saroja Devi, R N Sudarshan, Madhavan, B Ramadevi, Ramesh, T R Narasimha Raju
Devara Kannu Movie Poster Dr Ramesh is a well known doctor running from the cops for committing the crime of avenging his sister's murderer and rapist. In this phase he meets Sandhya, his childhood love
A 1975 movie by Y R Swamy
Actors & Actresses: Lokesh, Aarathi, Ananth Nag, Ambareesh, Dheerendra Gopal, Venkata Rao Talegiri
Mystery, Drama, Crime
Hombisilu Movie Poster A doctor is desperately seeking an assistant doctor. He meets a girl who is also a doctor. Arati likes him at the very first instant but is disappointed that he is looking for a female doctor as an assistant instead of a wife.
A 1978 movie by Geethapriya
Actors & Actresses: Vishnuvardhan, Aarathi, S Shivaram, M Leelavathi, Upasane Seetharam, Vaishali Kasaravalli
Family, Drama
Madhura Sangama Movie Poster
A 1978 movie by T P Venugopal
Actors & Actresses: Ananth Nag, Ashok, B S Dwarakish, Uday kumar, K S Ashwath, Vajramuni
Drama, Action
Uppi Dada MBBS Movie Poster
A 2006 movie by D Rajendra Babu
Actors & Actresses: Upendra, Chi Gurudutt, Ananth Nag, Uma, Srinath, Sanketh Kashi
Bhoopathi Movie Poster
A 2007 movie by S Govindu
Actors & Actresses: K S Ashwath, Ashwath Narayana, Leela, Sumalatha, Murali, Mohan
Bindas Hudugi Movie Poster
A 2010 movie by Priya Hassan
Actors & Actresses: Priya Hassan, Ravishankar gowda, Jayanthi, Girija Lokesh, Ramesh Pandit, Ninasam Ashwath
Political, Drama, Crime
Prema Chandrama Movie Poster The story revolves around Chetana (Rekha), a widow who lost her husband Sanjay (Raghu Mukherjee) in a car accident. A nurse by profession, Chetana later marries Dr Vijay (Kiran)
A 2011 movie by B S Shahuraj Sindhe
Actors & Actresses: Raghu Mukherjee, Kiran Srinivas, Rekha Vedavyas, Srinath, Ninasam Ashwath, V E Ganesh
Romance, Drama
Aarakshaka Movie Poster
A 2012 movie by P Vasu
Actors & Actresses: Rajesh, Sharan, Vijayasarathi, Joe Simon, Mugur Sundar, Vijayakashi
Thriller, Drama
Nammanna Don Movie Poster
A 2012 movie by Ramesh Aravind
Actors & Actresses: Ramesh Aravind, Mona Parvaresh, Sanatani, Baby Risha, Baby Shakthi, Baby Manjumala
Drama, Comedy
Vasundhara Movie Poster The film revolves around the trials and tribulations of Vasundhara AKA as Mrs. Bagatov who is inadvertently caught in the cauldron of terrorist violence, communal frenzy, corporate greediness
A 2014 movie by T S Nagabharana
Actors & Actresses: Aishwarya Nag, Rajesh, Jugari Avinash, Jayanthi, T S Nagabharana, Ashok Rao
Rocket Movie Poster
22. Rocket
Rakesh (Sathish), who falls in love with a doctor, Shweta (Aishani Shetty), while undergoing treatment at a hospital.
A 2015 movie by Shivashashi
Actors & Actresses: Sathish Ninasam, Aishani Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Nagendra Shah, Ninasam Ashwath, Padmaja Rao
Romance, Drama
Ishtakamya Movie Poster Ishtakamya is a love triangle, and this is the twist at the interval. A doctor and his patient fall in love.
A 2016 movie by Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar
Actors & Actresses: B Jayashree, Shailaja, Mimicry Dayanand, Suman Nagarkar, Mandya Ramesh, Rangayana Raghu
Romance, Drama