T S Nagabharana

T S Nagabharana

T S Nagabharana (1953-0) is a Kannada Director, Writer, Actor known for the movies Banadi(2014), Aasphota(1988), Santha Shishunala Sharifa(1990)

Other NamesNagabharana, Talakadu Srinivasaiah Nagabharana
Date Of Birth23 January 1953
Age71 years 2 months 25 days
Place Of BirthBangalore, Karnataka
Education (Graduation)degree in Science and Law
T. S. Nagabharana is an Indian film director, in the Kannada film industry and one of the pioneers of the Parallel Cinema. He is one of the few film directors to have straddled both the mainstream as well as parallel cinema worlds. He is an ardent and avid reader of Indian English literature. He holds a degree in Science and Law

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Sushma veer with ts nagabharana
Sushma veer with ts nagabharana

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. He received a gold medal from the Government of India for his achievement in theatre
  2. He also started Shruthalaya, an organisation for organising, writing, composing, camera work, lighting, art, acting, editing or directing
  3. Nagabharana has won 9 National Awards and 14 State Awards
  4. T.S.Nagabharana occupies the crown of hat trick of national integration award. Three of his films won the best Film on National Integration, and he is the only director in India to have won so
  5. He is fan of Akira Kurosawa and Ingmar Bergman
  6. He is the founder of a theatre organisation called "Benaka"
  7. He has received filmfare awards for Aasphota, Mysore Mallige, Janumada Jodi

T S Nagabharana: Filmography (51)

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List By:
2017 Allama[Director]
2016 One Time[Actor]
2014 Vasundhara[Actor,Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2014 Anjada Gandu[Actor(Santhu\'s father)]
2014 Jai Lalitha[Actor(Srikantaiah)]
2014 Banadi[Actor(Ashwath Kumar)]
2012 Kamsale Kaisale[Actor(Ranganatha),Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2012 Sri Kshethra Adichunchanagiri[Actor]
2011 Kalgejje[Actor]
2011 Kirathaka[Actor]
2009 Nam yajamanru[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2008 Mr. Garagasa[Actor(Sharat)]
2006 Kallarali Hoovagi[Director]
2003 Singaravva[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2003 Chigurida Kanasu (Kannada)[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2001 Neela[Director]
1999 Janumadatha[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1997 Nagamandala[Director]
1997 Vimochane[Actor,Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1996 Janumada Jodi[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1996 Soothradhara[Writer (story)]
1994 Sagara Deepa[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1993 Aakasmika (Kannada)[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1993 Chinnari Muttha[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1992 Mysore Mallige[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1990 Santha Shishunala Sharifa[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1989 Premagni[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1989 Sura Sundaranga[Director]
1988 Aasphota[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1988 Mithileya Seetheyaru[Actor]
1987 Ravana Rajya[Director]
1986 Nenapina Doni[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1986 Sedina Sanchu[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1985 Aahuthi[Director]
1984 Accident (Kannada)[Actor]
1984 Makkaliralavva Manethumba[Director]
1984 Onti Dhwani[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1983 Anveshane[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
1983 Banker Margayya[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1983 Prema Yuddha[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1983 Adi Shankaracharya[Actor(Mrithyu)]
1982 Praya Praya Praya[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1981 Grahana[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1980 Bangarada Jinke[Director]
1978 Geejagana Goodu[Dubbing Artist]
1978 Ondanondu Kaladalli[Actor,Director (Associate)]
1978 Sandarbha[Director (Associate)]
1977 Thabbaliyu Neenade Magane[Actor,Director (Associate)]
1977 Ghatashraddha[Dubbing Artist]
1975 Chomana Dudi[Assistant Director,Costume]
1973 Kaadu[Actor,Makeup,Costume]