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Amritha Dhare

26th August 2005- Drama, Romance
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Struggles of a young marries couple

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Movie NameAmritha Dhare
Original Language Nameಅಮೃತಧಾರೆ
Alternative NamesAmrutha Dhare – ,
English TranslationGiver of Elixir
Release Date26th August 2005
Languages Kannada
StorylineStruggles of a young marries couple
Story SummaryPuru (Dhyan) and Amritha (Ramya) are a married couple but they behave like lovers. They like each other but quarrel sometimes. She is a spendthrift and he is a miser. She wants a child to build a family, while he wants to build a house. The film follows their trials and tribulations as they navigate the difficult world of marriage in the modern age. The film also has a strong social message and speaks to the emptiness of a large home without a large family inside it.
Run Time144 Mins

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