Jayamalini (1958-0) is a Kannada Actress known for the movies Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu(1974), Mayura(1975), Guru Shishyaru(1981)

Other NamesAlivelu Manga
Date Of Birth22 December 1958
Age65 years 5 months 25 days
Place Of BirthSullurupeta, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
HusbandParthiban(m.1994;police inspector)
Wiki Pagehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jayamalini
Debut MovieAnnadammula Anubhandam
Favorite ActressSridevi, Jayaprada
Favorite ActorNTR, Chiranjeevi


Jayamalini is a South Indian film actress who is famous for her vamp roles and item numbers. She acted in more than 500 Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi movies.

She was a very beautiful young lady, she was prettier than most lead actresses that time. Many of her admirers were disappointed that she could not enjoy the stardom as the leading actress, perhaps her early entry following her sister is what restricted her to item numbers and cabaret songs.

Her first movie was "Annadammula Anubhandam".

Education: She has studied till 7th/8th standard, she wishes now that she had studied more

She wants to act in the movie and rediscover herself as a talented actress.

Wedding: Jayamalini married Parthiban, an acquaintance of her brother's in 1994. She has two daughters & a son.

jayamalini wedding with parthiban

Jayamalini wedding with Parthiban

Jayamalini: Photos, Pictures

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Jaya malini
Jaya malini
Actress jayamalini spicy dancing from a song
Actress jayamalini spicy dancing from a song
Jayamalini in ringa ringa song
Jayamalini in ringa ringa song
Jayamalini dancing
Jayamalini dancing

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Chiranjeevi is the best dancer according to her among her co-stars during her time.

  2. She was proposed by a few in the industry, she was never involved with any controversies.

  3. Her daughter is classically trained as a dancer, but Jayamalini vows she won't be acting in movies.

  4. In 1994 she married Parthiban in Tirupati, a police inspector by profession, she has 2 daughters and a son. Jayamalini settled in Chennai after her career in movies with her husband.

  5. She was awarded by the then CM of Tamil Nadu KarunaNidhi for her contribution to cinema.

  6. She liked Bahubali among the recent movies.

  7. She gives herself 9/10 in dancing and her sister Jyothilakshmi 10/10

  8. Her mother was a pivotal character in her life. She was also her best friend.

  9. Jayamalini was just 13/14 when she started her career.

  10. She was frequently cast with Vishnuvardhan's movies in Kannada.

  11. Senior Telugu actor NTR was very fond of Jayamalini, she would visit sets with her elder sister, she was a cute little girl back then .

  12. When she was studying Bharatanatyam MGR attended the function to felicitate her

  13. She was renamed as Jayamalini by director Vittalachari when she entered films.

  14. She likes Disco Shanti, Anuradha, Silk Smitha, Jyothilakshmi, Helen among her contemporaries.

  15. People still recognize her on the streets even after 20+ years away from career, she enjoys the fame.

  16. She thinks NTR is the cutest, and says would have "I love you" to him if they were of same era.

  17. she was Telugu actor Balakrishna's first heroine, he remembered it on his award ceremony.

  18. She was naturally thin, she put on some weight for her item songs.

  19. Her mother was her manager, she would talk to producers & discuss remunerations.

  20. She was one of the nine children to her parents, Jyothilakshmi was the first child, Jayamalini is the last child. Jyothilakshmi her sister was also a famous film actress, Jyothilakshmi died in 2016. 

  21. She feels happy that top lead actresses are into item songs these days, a role which was looked down upon is getting its deserving respect.

  22. Actress Anjali Devi is related to Jayamalini.

  23. In 2005 she wanted to write her biography, unfortunately she couldn't get someone efficient to do it.

  24. She gave up movies after her marriage, she wanted more privacy.

  25. When she was travelling in train, an officer once wrote a letter & kept it near sleeping Jayamalini, letting her know he would marry her if she is willing.

Jayamalini: Filmography (46)

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List By:
1993 Prathiphala[Actress]
1987 Jayasimha[Actress]
1987 Sri Chamundeshwari Pooja Mahime[Actress]
1987 Vijay[Actress]
1986 Malaya Marutha[Actress]
1986 Prema Gange[Actress]
1985 Jeevana Chakra[Actress]
1985 Karthavya[Actress]
1985 Nyayada Kannu[Actress]
1985 Sedina Hakki[Actress]
1985 Bangalore Rathriyalli[Actress]
1985 Sneha Sambandha[Actress]
1984 Baddi Bangaramma[Actress]
1984 Gandu Bherunda[Actress]
1984 Guru Bhakthi[Actress]
1984 Hosa Itihasa[Actress]
1984 Khaidi[Actress]
1984 Police Papanna[Actress]
1984 Prachanda Kulla[Actress]
1983 Chinnadantha Maga[Actress]
1983 Gandugali Rama[Actress]
1983 Gayathri Maduve[Actress]
1983 Keralida Hennu[Actress]
1983 Mutthaide Bhagya[Actress]
1983 Onde Guri[Actress]
1982 Nanna Devaru[Actress]
1981 Garjane[Actress]
1981 Guru Shishyaru[Actress(Dancer)]
1981 Snehithara Saval[Actress]
1980 Aarada Gaaya[Actress]
1980 Haddina Kannu[Actress]
1980 Rahasya Rathri[Actress]
1980 Rustum Jodi[Actress]
1979 Balina Guri[Actress]
1979 Maralu Sarapani[Actress]
1978 Bhale Huduga[Actress]
1978 Kiladi Jodi[Actress]
1978 Kudure Mukha[Actress]
1978 Muyyige Muyyi[Actress]
1978 Vasantha Lakshmi[Actress]
1977 Sahodarara Savaal[Actress]
1977 Sri Renukadevi Mahathme[Actress]
1976 Baalu Jenu[Actress]
1975 Mayura[Actress]
1974 Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu[Actress]
1974 Baluve Ninagaagi[Actress]


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  1. I did't know how to love off the screen, thus had an arranged marriage.