Mohan Shankar

Mohan Shankar

Mohan Shankar is a Kannada Actor, Writer, Director known for the movies Accident(2008), Kothigalu Saar Kothigalu(2001), Yarige Salutthe Sambala(2000)

Other NamesS Mohan,Mohan
Date Of Birth24 September
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)
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Mother TongueKannada
Languages KnownKannada,English,Hindi
WifeSri Vidya
Debut MovieYaarige Salutte Sambala


Mohan Shankar, simply called Mohan is an Indian actor, writer, director known for his contribution to Kannada films, he has been a part of many successful movies both as a writer & actor.

Mohan was born on September 24th in Bangalore, Karnataka. He is married to Sri Vidya (wife).

Film Career

Mohan made his debut as an actor through Yaarige Saluthe Sambala(2000), a film for which he wrote dialogues, directed by M S Rajashekhar, starring Shashikumar, Sahisini , Anant Nag & others.

Along with Ramesh & S Narayan he was seen in "Sir" movies namely Kurigalu Sir Kurigalu & Kothigalu Sir Kothigalu both directed by S V Rajendra Singh Babu, which gained him fame throughout Karnataka.

He is a good friend of V Ravichandran, he has made many movies in his association.

He has written script for more than 20 movies, directed some & has acted in many. Check the list below for more of his films.

Bigg Boss Kannada 2016

Mohan entered the Season 4 "Bigg Boss Kannada" house as one of the contestants on 9th October 2016 along with the likes of Rekha, Shalini, Pratham, Bhuvan, Malavika, Keerthi & Others.

He is one of the few remaining as of now and is liked for his simplicity. He knows many ancient Mantras and can utter them very fluently as could be seen from the festival episodes of the Bigg Boss house.

Mohan Shankar: Photos, Pictures

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Mohan shankar
Mohan shankar
Mohan shankar
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Mohan shankar, the director
Mohan shankar, the director

Mohan Shankar: Filmography (60)

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List By:
2017 Riktha[Writer (Dialogue)]
2016 Jai Maruthi 800[Writer (Lyrics)]
2015 Male Nilluvavarege[Actor(Mohan),Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Producer,Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue),Playback Singer]
2015 Love U Alia[Writer (Dialogue)]
2014 Sachin! Tendulkar Alla[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2014 Simhadri[Writer (Dialogue)]
2014 Haggada Kone[Actor(Channa\'s friend)]
2013 Parari[Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
2013 Chathrigalu Saar Chathrigalu[Actor(Moni),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
2013 Garbhada Gudi[Actor]
2013 Bhajarangi[Writer (Lyrics)]
2012 Narasimha[Director,Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
2012 Manjunatha BA,LLB[Director,Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
2012 Samsaradalli Golmal[Actor(Ramu)]
2012 Guru[Writer (Dialogue)]
2011 Dudde Doddappa[Actor]
2010 Janani[Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2010 Krishna Nee Late Aag Baro[Actor(Sundaram Pillai),Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2010 Tharangini[Actor]
2010 Hoo[Writer (Dialogue)]
2010 Hendtheer Darbar[Writer (Dialogue)]
2010 Shambho Shankara[Actor,Writer (Lyrics)]
2010 Nariya Seere Kadda[Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
2009 Eshtu Nagthi Nagu[Actor(Umesha)]
2009 Dhanush[Actor]
2009 Jaala[Writer (Lyrics)]
2008 Accident[Actor(Friend)]
2008 Akka Thangi[Actor]
2007 Hosa Varsha[Writer (Lyrics)]
2007 SMS 6260[Writer (Dialogue)]
2007 VIP 5[Actor]
2007 Sathyavan Savithri[Actor]
2007 Ugadi[Actor]
2007 Thamashegagi[Actor(Mohan),Writer (Dialogue)]
2007 Nali Naliyutha[Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2007 Right Adre[Actor]
2007 Lava Kusha[Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
2006 Hatavadi[Assistant Director]
2005 Ugra Narasimha[Actor]
2005 Hudgeer Saar Hudgeeru[Actor,Writer (Dialogue)]
2005 Laati Charge[Actor]
2004 Malla[Actor(Hanuma),Writer (Dialogue)]
2004 Pakkadmane Hudugi[Actor]
2004 Shuklambaradharam[Actor,Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Lyrics),Writer (Dialogue)]
2003 Ramaswamy Krishnaswamy[Actor]
2002 Daddy No. 1[Actor]
2002 Dheera[Actor]
2002 Kodanda Rama[Actor]
2002 Nammoora Yejamana[Actor]
2002 Olu Saar Baree Olu[Actor]
2001 Amma[Actor]
2001 Amma Ninna Tholinalli[Actor]
2001 Bahala Chennagide[Writer (Dialogue)]
2001 Ellara Mane Dosenu[Actor,Writer (Dialogue)]
2001 Jenu Goodu[Actor]
2001 Kothigalu Saar Kothigalu[Actor(Moni/Mohan)]
2001 Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu[Actor(Moni)]
2001 Mr. Harishchandra[Actor,Writer (Dialogue)]
2000 Krishna Leele[Actor]
2000 Yarige Salutthe Sambala[Actor,Writer (Dialogue)]