Kannada 'Life' Movies List

Raktha Kanneeru Movie Poster A spoilt rich boy spend his days in a brothel and is addicted to many bad habits. His family forcefully gets him married to a village girl. A grave disease strikes him and he soon realizes that his path was wrong
A 2003 movie by Sadhu Kokila
Actors & Actresses: M S Umesh, Jyothi Lakshmi, Honnavalli Krishna, G V Sharada, Doddanna, Srishailan
Family, Drama
School Master Movie Poster A school master who was dearly loved by students when he was a teacher is now broke
A 1958 movie by B R Panthulu
Actors & Actresses: B R Panthulu, Dikki Madhava Rao, M V Rajamma, Uday kumar, Sahukar Janaki, T N Balakrishna
Family, Drama
My Autograph Movie Poster Shankar , working in an advertising agency who comes to his village to invite his friends to his marriage. He remembers the good old days and also sees how his friends are faring now
A 2006 movie by Sudeep
Actors & Actresses: Sudeep, Meena, Sridevika, Deepa Bhaskar, Srinivasamurthy, Sanjeeva
Romance, Drama
Mussanje Mathu Movie Poster A radio Jockey with an evening show falls in love with a girl in distress who calls him
A 2008 movie by Mussanje Mahesh
Actors & Actresses: Sudeep, Ramya, Ramesh Bhat, Anu Prabhakar, Sumithra, Padma Vasanthi
Jeevana Nataka A drama about the life and its flow
A 1942 movie by Wahab Kashmiri
Actors & Actresses: Gubbi Veeranna, Kemparaj Urs, B Jayamma, Shanta Hublikar
Family, Drama
Modala Thedi A film by Neelakantan. A beautiful story of the life and troubles of a middle class Indian life
A 1955 movie by P Neelakantan
Actors & Actresses: B R Panthulu, M V Rajamma, M Madhava rao, Master Hirannaiah, Chi Sadashivaiah, Shivaji Ganeshan
Family, Drama, Comedy
Gaali Gopura Movie Poster A tower of Wind; a tower on false base is bound to fall
A 1962 movie by B R Panthulu
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, Kalyan Kumar, M V Rajamma, T R Narasimha Raju, M Leelavathi, T N Balakrishna
Family, Drama
Paalige Bandadde Panchamrutha Whatever comes yours way is the nectar to you, accept it joyfully
A 1963 movie by M B Ganesh Singh (B.A)
Actors & Actresses: Dikki Madhava Rao, Prathima devi, Saraswathi
Family, Drama
Baala Bandhana Movie Poster A mother dying on death bed is promised by her old friend to take care of her adult daughter
A 1971 movie by Peketi Shivaram
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, Jayanthi, Sampath, T N Balakrishna, B S Dwarakish, Vajramuni

Bhagyachakra A film by Y.V. Rao
A 1955 movie by Yaragudipati Varada Rao
Actors & Actresses: Kalyan Kumar, Sahukar Janaki
Family, Drama
Bhagyodaya Fortune of the character in the story takes good turn
A 1956 movie by P V Babu
Actors & Actresses: Uday kumar, Sahukar Janaki, Kowshik, T R Narasimha Raju
Vidhi Vilasa Movie Poster Princess and a regular soldier are in Love, The king tries to separate them.
A 1962 movie by S V Mahesh
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, M Leelavathi, Uday kumar, Harini, T R Narasimha Raju, K S Ashwath
Family, Drama
Bevu Bella Movie Poster A bitter sweet story of a normal Indian life
A 1963 movie by C P Jambulingam
Actors & Actresses: Uday kumar, Raja shankar, M Leelavathi, H Ramachandra Shastry
Family, Drama
Jeevana Taranga Movie Poster Waves of Life take the boat to unknown shores
A 1963 movie by G Bangar Raj
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, M Leelavathi, Adavani Lakshmidevi, K S Ashwath, Dikki Madhava Rao, Raja shankar
Family, Drama
Nava jeevana Movie Poster The beginning of a new life
A 1964 movie by P S Murthy
Actors & Actresses: K S Ashwath, R N Sudarshan, Pandari Bai, T R Narasimha Raju, Revathi, K M Rathnakar
Family, Drama, Comedy
Badukuva Daari A film starring Kalyan Kumar, Jayalalitha, Udaya Kumar and others
A 1966 movie by K S Prakash Rao
Actors & Actresses: Kalyan Kumar, Jayalalitha J, Uday kumar, T R Narasimha Raju, T N Balakrishna, Ramesh
Sukha Samsara A happy life: A film starring Uday kumar and Rajashree
A 1970 movie by Vijaya Sathyam
Actors & Actresses: Srinath, Uday kumar, Rajashree, T N Balakrishna, M Leelavathi, Rajesh
Hennu Honnu Mannu Story of human life: Woman, Gold and Land, the most craved after things
A 1971 movie by Basavaraja Kesthur, M V Varadaraju
Actors & Actresses: Rajesh, Udayachandrika, M P Shankar, Thoogudeepa Srinivas, Shakti Prasad, B R Jayaram
Namma Baduku Movie Poster Our lives as they happen
A 1971 movie by M N Aradhya
Actors & Actresses: Rajesh, Pandari Bai, K S Ashwath, T N Balakrishna, Poornima, T R Narasimha Raju
Baala Panjara Movie Poster
A 1972 movie by M R Vittal
Actors & Actresses: Pandari Bai, Shylashri, K S Ashwath, Ranga, T R Narasimha Raju, Rama
Jeevana Jokali
A 1972 movie by Geethapriya
Actors & Actresses: Gangadhar, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Suma, T N Balakrishna, M N Lakshmi Devi
Doorada Betta Movie Poster Hope of a better life somewhere else
A 1973 movie by S Siddalingaiah
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, M Leelavathi, K S Ashwath, T N Balakrishna, M P Shankar
Balina Guri Movie Poster
A 1979 movie by K S Prakash Rao
Actors & Actresses: Pandari Bai, T N Balakrishna, B Hanumanthachar, Comedian Guggu, B Ramadevi, Jayanthi
Olave Baduku Movie Poster
A 1984 movie by K V Jayaram
Actors & Actresses: Ananth Nag, Gayathri Ananth nag, C H Lokanath, Sundar Krishna Urs, Mandeep Roy, Master Arjun
Family, Drama
Jeevana Chakra Movie Poster
A 1985 movie by H R Bhargava
Actors & Actresses: Vishnuvardhan, Radhika Sarathkumar, Vijayakashi, Saroja, C R Simha, Ramesh Bhat
Samsara Nouke Movie Poster
A 1989 movie by D Rajendra Babu
Actors & Actresses: Ambareesh, Mahalakshmi, T N Balakrishna, Pandari Bai, Geetha, Lakshman
Family, Drama
Buguri Movie Poster
27. Buguri
Krishna (Ganesh),is in love with Nandini (Richa Panai), they are in the same college, his father dies while he was in college, he tries to fulfill his father’s wish of becoming a businessman
A 2015 movie by M D Sridhar
Actors & Actresses: Golden Star Ganesh, Richa Panai, Erica Fernandes, Sadhu Kokila, Ashok, Chitra Shenoy
Romance, Family, Drama