Krishna Chandra Dey

Krishna Chandra Dey

Krishna Chandra Dey (1893-1962) is a Bollywood Actor, Music Director known for the movies Devdas(1935), Grihalaxmi(1934), Puran Bhagat(1933)

NameKrishna Chandra Dey (কৃষ্ণ চন্দ্র দে)
Other NamesK. C. Dey
Date Of Birth 1893
Age(Age at Death: 69 years 0 months 0 days)
Place Of BirthCalcutta, West Bengal, India
Date Of Death 1962
TeacherS.D. Burman
NephewManna Dey(Famous playback singer)
Krishna Chandra Dey better known as K.C. Dey, was a Bengali actor, singer, music composer and teacher born in Calcutta (now Kolkata).

He was S.D. Burman's first musical teacher and mentor. In 1906, at the age of thirteen, he lost his eyesight and became completely blind.

He worked for various theatre groups and finally went on to work for New Theatres in Kolkata until 1940. He is best remembered for his Kirtan songs

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1936 Baghi Sipahi[Music Director]
1935 Inquilab[Actor(Musafir)]
1935 Devdas[Actor(Bairagi (Blind Singer)),Playback Singer]
1935 Dhoop Chhaon[Actor(Surdas)]
1934 Chandra Gupta[Music Director]
1934 Grihalaxmi[Actor(Purohit)]
1934 Kismet Ki Kasauti[Actor,Music Director]
1934 Seeta[Actor,Music Director]
1934 Shaher Ka Jadoo[Actor(Baldev)]
1933 Abe Hayat[Music Director]
1933 Puran Bhagat[Actor]