Gul Hamid

Gul Hamid

Gul Hamid (1905-1936) is a Bollywood Actor known for the movies Karwan-E-Hayat(1935), Seeta(1934), Khooni Katar(1931)

Other NamesGul Hamid Khan, Gul Hameed Khan
Date Of Birth 1905
Age(Age at Death: 31 years 0 months 0 days)
Place Of BirthPirpiai, near Kabul River, Pakistan
Date Of Death 1936
WifePatience Cooper
BrothersAbdul Hameed Khan , Gul Jamal Khan , Sayed Jamal Khan
Gul Hamid 1930s Bollywood Actor. Gul Hamid Khan was an Indian film actor. He started his acting career in silent films and later played leading roles in talkies.

He had many honors to his credit. He acted in Heer Ranjha, the first film produced in Punjabi and in Seeta, a talkie that won an honorary diploma in the 1934 Venice Film Festival

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Gul Hamid Khan had three brothers named Abdul Hameed Khan, Gul Jamal Khan and Sayed Jamal Khan.
  2. Khyber Pass was the film in which he not only acted but also wrote its script and directed it.
  3. He worked with his wife, Patience Cooper, in three films i.e., Baghi Sipahi, Murderer and Khyber Pass.
  4. He died the in 1936 due to some throat ailment.

Gul Hamid: Filmography (19)

(All Gul Hamid Movies)
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1936 Baghi Sipahi[Actor]
1935 Bharat Ki Beti[Actor]
1935 Bidrohi[Actor]
1935 Karwan-E-Hayat[Actor]
1935 Murderer[Actor]
1935 Selima[Actor]
1935 Step Mother[Actor]
1934 Chandra Gupta[Actor]
1934 Mumtaz Begum[Actor]
1934 Raat Ka Raja[Actor]
1934 Seeta[Actor]
1934 Sultana[Actor]
1933 Aurat Ka Pyar[Actor]
1932 Zinda Lash[Actor]
1931 Aatishe Ishq[Actor]
1931 Bhatakta Joban[Actor]
1931 Khooni Katar[Actor]
1931 Samaj Ka Shikar[Actor]
1930 Sarfarosh[Actor]