Reshma (Mallu Actress)

Reshma (Mallu Actress)

Other NamesReshma Malayalam Actress
Place Of BirthBangalore, Karnataka
Mother TongueKannada


Mysore Kalyan Nagar Reshma  popularly known as Mallu Reshma (for her popularity in Malayalam movies) though not the most popular among the actresses to come out of South Indian Softcore movie industry, is undoubtedly the most beautiful among them.

She has quit films for more than 10 years now, but she is still popular among the youth, it speaks a lot about her beauty. She is prettier than most heroines, one wonders why she didn't get chances at least in the supporting roles.

Film Career

Reshma entered the film industry with the hope to become an actress, like most other B movie actresses & item song girls, she too took to softcore movies for the lack of opportunities and for the sake of survival.

She started her career in the 1990s, and her career ended after a decade. Her fame rivals that of Shakeela & Silk Smitha.

Chilkamma was one of her super hit films where she appeared with other popular actresses of time Shakeela, Sindhu & Jyothishree. Her popularity rivalled that of Mohan Lal & Mamooty.

 She has acted in Malayalam, Tamil & Telugu languages. Some of her known movies are 

  • Sundarikutty(2003)
  • Vivadam (2002)
  • Apsara (2001)
  • Dear Sneha (2001)
  • Qatil Dilruba (Hindi)
  • Andala Sundari (Telugu)
  • Prem Chakori (2002)(Hindi)
  • Husn Tera Matwala Hai (Hindi)
  • Kunwari Jawani (Hindi)
  • Miss Reshma (Telugu)
  • Madhuram (1990) (Malayalam)
  • Lovely (Malayalam)
  • Swapna Sundari
  • Hawas ke darinde
  • Mogali Puvvu (Telugu)
  • Tan Ki Aag (Hindi)
  • Bas Karo Tum (Hindi)
  • Umang (Hindi)
  • Mayuri (2000) (Telugu)
  • Sundhara Kanyalu (Telugu)

As the mainstream movies started using lead actresses in glamorous roles and with the society becoming open to sexuality 100s of younger generation actresses boomed and occupied roles, leading to a decline in demand for softcore movies.

Reshma was arrested for alleged involvement in a Sex racket along with other B-movie actresses like Ramya & Simran in 2007 in Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala. Police accused her of involving in prostitution.

One of her producers said that she always used to say that she would never go nude below the waist and she never did in her 40+ movies. Only time she is said to have gone fully nude is for one of the private movies for which she was paid a remuneration of 2 Lakhs.

She now lives in anonymity in her hometown Bangalore, It was rumoured that she died in 2015, her family disowned her & there is no way of verifying where she is & if rumours of her death are true.

She suffered humiliation & was made to feel low about her career by her family, society & even the policemen who made a video harassing her with irrelevant questions & even dared to leak it online, it would have gotten police in trouble if she had decided to sue them back. Media wasn't in place to fight on her behalf back then.

The irony of our society is that now there are plenty of Bollywood actresses who go topless and are seen in nude scenes as well, but unlike Reshma they are celebrated today by the masses, take for example the popularity of former porn actress Sunny Leone, Reshma's mistake was that she lived 20 years too early. 

Though she got neither respect nor the popularity she should have, her courage paved way for many actresses of the future to go bold. 

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Reshma (mallu actress)
Reshma (mallu actress)
Reshma (mallu actress)
Reshma (mallu actress)
Reshma (mallu actress)
Reshma (mallu actress)
Reshma (mallu actress)
Reshma (mallu actress)