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25th February 2011- Drama
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Aaptha(Close Friend). A 2011 Kannada Drama movie by Sanjeev Kumar Megoty starring: Pooja Gandhi, Neeraj Sham, Prajna

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Movie NameAaptha
Original Language Nameಆಪ್ತ
Alternative NamesAapta ,
English TranslationClose Friend
Release Date25th February 2011
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story revolves around Anjali (Pooja Gandhi), a village belle, who joins a medical college in Bangalore. She is ragged by four girls and a boy. They take her video after injecting her with sedative. Unable to bear the humiliation after they release her video clips, Anjali ends her life. Viji (Neeraj), brought up by Anjali’s father, gets to know of the incident and comes to Bangalore to take revenge on the five students.
Run Time145 Mins

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