Kannada ' robber ' Movies List

Veerappan Movie Poster
A 1991 movie by Ravindranath
Actors & Actresses: Devaraj, Lokesh, Vanitha Vasu, Shivakumar, Manu, Girish
Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action
Sipayi Ramu Movie Poster
A 1972 movie by Y R Swamy
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, M Leelavathi, Aarathi, K S Ashwath, S Shivaram, Vajramuni
War, Drama, Action
Daari Tappida Maga Movie Poster Twin brothers are separated at birth, one becomes a robber and thief and another a good man
A 1975 movie by Peketi Shivaram
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, Kalpana, Aarathi, Manjula, M V Rajamma, K S Ashwath
Kanneshwara Rama Movie Poster
A 1977 movie by M S Sathyu
Actors & Actresses: Ananth Nag, Shabana Azmi, Amol Palekar, B V Karanth, Malathi, Dheerendra Gopal
Thriller, Drama, Action
Bettada Huli Movie Poster Lives of a bandit who lived in the hills and a police officer cross; leaving many lives scattered and damaged
A 1965 movie by A V Sheshagiri Rao
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, Uday kumar, Jayanthi, K S Ashwath, Pandari Bai, T R Narasimha Raju
Thriller, Mystery, Adventure, Action
Prathidhwani Movie Poster A crime gang kills parents of 2 children, their elder son becomes an inspector and the fate has put him against the same person who killed his parents, second son has become a robber and seeking the killer
A 1971 movie by B Dorai Raj, S K Bhagavan
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, Rajesh, Pandari Bai, Dinesh, T R Narasimha Raju, Rama
Mystery, Crime, Adventure, Action
Choori Chikkanna Movie Poster A small thief becomes big and fools a rich to love him
A 1969 movie by R Ramamurthy
Actors & Actresses: Dr Rajkumar, T R Narasimha Raju, Jayanthi, Dinesh, K S Ashwath, B V Radha
Drama, Crime
Dhanalakshmi Movie Poster Number of thieves enter a household as disguised guests and acquaintances to loot a secret treasure supposed to be hidden in there.
A 1977 movie by K S Sathyanarayana
Actors & Actresses: Srinath, Manjula, B S Dwarakish, S Shivaram, Dinesh, M Leelavathi
Crime, Comedy, Action
Bettada Kalla Movie Poster Story of a thief in the Hills
A 1957 movie by S M Sriramulu Naidu
Actors & Actresses: Kalyan Kumar, Mynavathi, R Nagendra Rao, Uday kumar, M A Ganapathi Bhat, B Ramadevi
Mystery, Adventure, Action
Kallara Kalla Movie Poster A man kills his cheating wife and his boss and is arrested by the police. He escapes prison and is looking for his mother and son.
A 1970 movie by M P Shankar
Actors & Actresses: Uday kumar, R N Sudarshan, T R Narasimha Raju, M P Shankar, Shylashri, B Jaya
Drama, Crime, Adventure, Action
Ranadheera Movie Poster A young robber falls in love with the daughter of Police general who he has kidnapped for ransom
A 1988 movie by V Ravichandran
Actors & Actresses: Lokesh, Rajanand, Jayachithra, V Ravichandran, Sudheer, Ananth Nag
Romance, Drama, Adventure, Action