Chimanlal Luhar

Chimanlal Luhar (1901-1948) is a Bollywood Cinematographer, Director, Writer known for the movies Rambha Rani(1933), Silver King(1935), Talash-E-Haq(1935)

Other NamesChiman lal Luhar, Chimanlal, Luhar, C. M. Luhar
Date Of Birth 1901
Age(Age at Death: 47 years 0 months 0 days)
Date Of Death 1948

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1935 Silver King[Director,Writer (Dialogue)]
1935 Talash-E-Haq[Director]
1933 Rambha Rani[Writer (Lyrics)]
1932 Sassi Punnu[Director]
1930 Talwar Ka Phani[Cinematography]
1930 Soneri Khanjar[Cinematography]
1930 Patal Padmini[Cinematography]
1930 Satto Na Mad[Cinematography]