Motilal Rajvansh

Motilal Rajvansh

Motilal Rajvansh (1910-1965) is a Bollywood Actor known for the movies Dr. Madhurika(1935), Do Ghadi Ki Mauj(1935), Shaher Ka Jadoo(1934)

Other NamesMotilal, Rajvansh
Date Of Birth 1910
Age(Age at Death: 55 years 0 months 0 days)
Place Of BirthSimla, British India
Date Of Death 1965
Born in Shimla on December 4, 1910, Motilal came from a distinguished family from Delhi

Motilal Rajvansh: Filmography (4)

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1935 Do Ghadi Ki Mauj[Actor]
1935 Dr. Madhurika[Actor(Narendra)]
1935 Silver King[Actor(Ajit / Silver King)]
1934 Shaher Ka Jadoo[Actor]


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