Do Ghadi Ki Mauj

Do Ghadi Ki Mauj

(घड़ी की मौज करो)
1935- White and Black
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A 1935 Hindi White and Black movie by Homi Master starring: Dinshaw Billimoria, Ruby Myers, Jamshedji
Director: Homi Master
Keywords: Social

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Legendary singer kishore kumar family

Movie Cast

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Movie Details

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Movie NameDo Ghadi Ki Mauj
Original Language Nameघड़ी की मौज करो
Release Date1935
Languages Hindi
Story SummaryHero Kishenprasad is an upright engineer with a large family, including his wife Lakshmi, mother Valibai, sister Asha and son Bachoo. He gambles away his happiness and is about to be jailed for embezzlement when he is saved by an honest fellow employee, Hamid, who takes the blame. The villains are his secretary Kassum and Sukhlal, a rich man who wants to marry Asha. When his advances are spurned, he alleges that he had an affair with Kisheprasad's wife, Lakshmi.
Run Time153 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Mohanlal G. Dave, Homi Master
Production CompanyImperial Film Company
CinematographyAdi Irani
Writer (Lyrics)Munshi Zameer
Writer (Dialogue)Munshi Zameer

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