Yakub Khan Mehboob Khan

Yakub Khan Mehboob Khan

Yakub Khan Mehboob Khan (1904-1958) is a Bollywood Actor known for the movies Grihalaxmi(1934), Al Hilal(1935), Ver Nu Vasulat(1935)

Other NamesYakub , Khan Mehboob Khan,
Date Of Birth 1904
Age(Age at Death: 54 years 0 months 0 days)
Place Of BirthJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Date Of Death 1958
Place Of DeathBombay, Maharashtra, India (heart attack)
Yakub Khan Mehboob Khan, known as Yakub, was an Indian Hindi film actor born into a Pathan family in 1904 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. He became one of the most renowned screen villains, while achieving equal success in comedy and character roles.
  2. Yakub appeared in over 300 films.
  3. He commenced his career as an extra but soon did roles as a hero and later as a villain.
  4. Yakub died in Bombay, Maharashtra, India, at the age of 54 years.
  5. Yakub was a deeply religious person and was called Maulana by his friends.

Yakub Khan Mehboob Khan: Filmography (19)

(All Yakub Khan Mehboob Khan Movies)
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1935 Al Hilal[Actor(Yakub)]
1935 Josh-E-Intaqam[Actor]
1935 Lal Cheetah[Actor]
1935 Talash-E-Haq[Actor]
1935 Ver Nu Vasulat[Actor]
1934 Anokhi Mohabbat[Actor]
1934 Grihalaxmi[Actor(Mill Manager)]
1934 Nachwali[Actor]
1934 Farzande Hind[Actor]
1933 Bulbule Punjab[Actor]
1932 Bulbule Baghdad[Actor]
1932 Maya Bazar[Actor]
1932 Subhadra Haran[Actor]
1931 Meri Jaan[Actor]
1931 Meethi Churi[Actor]
1931 Toofani Taruni[Actor]
1930 Arunodaya[Actor]
1930 Nai Roshni[Actor]
1930 Dev Pech[Actor]