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Lanka Dahan

(लंका दहन)
1933- Religious, White and Black, Mythology
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Lanka Dahan(Lanka Fire). A 1933 Hindi Religious, White and Black movie by Kanjibhai Rathod starring: Haider Shah, Shanta Kumari, Maruti Rao
Director: Kanjibhai Rathod
Keywords: Lord rama, Devotion

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Movie NameLanka Dahan
Original Language Nameलंका दहन
English TranslationLanka Fire
Release Date1933
Languages Hindi
Story SummaryRavan kidnaps Sita and vulture Jatayu tries to fight him but in vain. Jatayu guides the whereabouts of Ravan to Ram.

Ram meets Hanuman and now he is sent to find out Sita mata over the sea. The demoness comes in the way and wants to test Hanumanji.

Hanumnaji reaches Lanka and finds out Sitamata and gives the ring of Ram. The soldiers of Ravan arrest Hanuman and the tail is set on fire. With his burning tail he sets Lanka on fire.

Movie Crew

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Music DirectorMadhavlal Master
Production CompanyKrishna Film Co
Writer (Lyrics)Gaurishankar Akhtar

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