Hindi Biography Movies List

Puran Bhagat Movie Poster The film was based on a popular Punjabi devotional story which was a change for New Theatres from their regular films based on traditional Bengali stories, Saints and novels
A 1933 movie by Debaki Kumar Bose
Actors & Actresses: Molina Devi, Umasashi, Tarabai, Kumar, Anwari Begum, Sadiq Ansari
White and Black, Religious, Biography
Chandidas Movie Poster the film is “Based on the life problems of the poet Chandidas –A problem India has not been able to solve”, which involved the caste schism in India
A 1934 movie by Nitin Bose
Actors & Actresses: Ahi Sanyal, Nawab, Umasashi, K. L. Saigal, Siddiqui, Pahadi Sanyal
White and Black, Drama, Biography
Dharmatma Movie Poster 1935 Marathi biopic "Dharmatma" on life and times of Sant Eknath. A legendary stage actor and singer "Bal Gandharva" plays roll of Sant Eknath. Sant Eknath worked to eliminate social injustice based on a caste
A 1935 movie by Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram
Actors & Actresses: Bal Gandharva, Ratna prabha, Vasanti, Master Chhotu, Keshav Narayan Kale, Chandra Mohan
White and Black, Drama, Biography
Bilwamangal Movie Poster Bollywood/Hindi 1932 Movie Directed by "Fram Madan". In the main lead role Master Nissar, Jehanara Kajjan, Patience Cooper Acted.
A 1932 movie by Jamshedji Framji Madan
Actors & Actresses: Master Nissar, Jehanara Kajjan, Patience Cooper, Nawab, Sharifa, Mohamed Ishaq
White and Black, Religious, Biography
Dangal Movie Poster Dangal is a biopic on the Phogat family which has given this country some of the best women wrestlers.
A 2016 movie by Nitesh Tiwari
Actors & Actresses: Mahesh Balraj, Anmol Charan, Vivan Bhatena, Anurag Arora, Aamir Khan, Ritwik Sahore
Sports, Drama, Biography, Action