English Drama Movies List

Highway Movie Poster A young city girl, full of life, is on the highway at night, with her fiancé. Suddenly, her life changes when she is abducted by a group of rustic criminals and her life will never be the same again...
A 2014 movie by Imtiaz Ali
Actors & Actresses: Alia Bhatt, Hemanth Mahaur, Kavita Seth, Vikram Seth, Niharika Yadav, Nikita Yadav
Romance, Drama, Adventure
Station Movie Poster The film follows three psychotic assassins as they wait to finish a job at a waiting room on a deserted railway station.
A 2014 movie by Saad Khan
Actors & Actresses: Gulshan Grover, Kanika Batra, Rohiet Nair, Sameer Kevin Roy, Hardik Sha, Vivek Shah
Thriller, Drama, Crime