Sayaji Shinde

Sayaji Shinde

Sayaji Shindhe is a Kannada Actor known for the movies Uppi 2(2015), Lava Kusha(2007), Veera Kannadiga(2004)

Other NamesSayajirao Shindhe
Date Of Birth1 February 1952
Age72 years 5 months 21 days
Place Of BirthVele-Kamthi, Satara, Maharashtra
Mother TongueMarathi
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Education (Graduation)Bachelor's degree in Arts
Debut MovieAai (Mother)(1995)
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Sayaji Shinde is an Indian film actor, who has acted in Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam films

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. He  practices voice exercises to keep voice effective

  2. His acting in Marathi play titled 'Hijada'(1987) got him popularity


  3. His parents were farmers.

  4. in 1974 he worked as a watchman for Maharashtra Government's Irrigation Department

  5. A Retired IAS officer's son was arrested for threatening Sayaji Shinde and asking for ransom

  6. Sayaji started his acting career in 1978 with acting in Marathi one-act plays

  7. He got trained in workshop of Rohini Hattangadi

Sayaji Shinde: Filmography (13)

(All Sayaji Shinde Movies)
List By:
2016 Dictator[Actor(Bokha Sivaram)]
2016 Shourya[Actor]
2015 Lodde[Actor(Dharmaraj)]
2015 Uppi 2[Actor]
2015 Love U Alia[Actor]
2015 Ouija[Actor(Santan Fakhir)]
2014 Brahma[Actor(ACP Shinde)]
2014 Jai Lalitha[Actor(Raghav)]
2012 Aarakshaka[Actor]
2011 Shreemathi[Actor]
2011 Shakthi[Actor(Anjanappa)]
2007 Lava Kusha[Actor]
2004 Veera Kannadiga[Actor]


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  1. I do Yoga regularly for physical fitness