Lalita Pawar

Lalita Pawar

Lalita Pawar (1916-1998) is a Bollywood Actress known for the movies Samaj Ki Bhool(1934), Qatil Katar(1935), Baghi Sipahi(1936)

Other NamesAmba Laxman Rao Sagun, Ambika Laxman Sagun, Ambu, Lalitha Pawar, Lalita Powar
Date Of Birth18 April 1916
Age(Age at Death: 81 years 10 months 6 days)
Place Of BirthNasik, Bombay Presidency, British India
Date Of Death24 February 1998
Place Of DeathAundh, Pune, India
HusbandsGanpatrao Pawar(first one) , Rajprakash Gupta(Ambika studios, Bombay Owner)
Lalita Pawar was a prolific Indian actress, who later became famous as a character actress, appearing in over 700 films in Hindi and Marathi cinema.

she gave hits like, Netaji Palkar (1938), made by Bhalji Pendharkar, New Hana Pictures’ Sant Damaji, Navyug Chitrapat’s Amrit, written by VS Khandekar, and Chhaya Films’ Gora Kumbhar.

Her other memorable roles were in film, Anari (1959), Shri 420 and Mr & Mrs 55, and the role of Manthara, in Ramanand Sagar's television epic serial, Ramayan.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Started acting as a nine year old in the era of silent movies.
  2. Acted in more than 600 Hindi and Marathi films
  3. Her father Laxman Rao Shagun was a rich silk and cotton piecegoods merchant.
  4. Had a squint in her left eye as a result of an accident during the shooting of a film in 1942
  5. Played many roles as a wicked mother-in -law
  6. she started her acting career at age nine in the film, Raja Harishchandra (1928).

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1936 Baghi Sipahi[Actress]
1935 Himmat-E-Marda[Actress]
1935 Qatil Katar[Actress]
1934 Samaj Ki Bhool[Actress]
1930 Bhimsen the Mighty[Actress]
1930 Chatur Sundari[Actress]
1930 Daughter Of Akhtar Nawaz Outlaw[Actress]
1930 Dukhiyari[Actress]
1930 Song of Life[Actress]