Ashwini (1933-2007) is a Kannada Writer known for the movies Besuge(1976), Nilukada Nakshathra(1995), Mana Midiyithu(1995)

Other NamesM V Kanakamma,Smt Ashwini
Date Of Birth 1933
Age(Age at Death: 73 years 10 months 7 days)
Date Of Death7 November 2007
Place Of DeathKolar
M V Kanakamma famously known as Ashwini has composed 26 works. Of which some have become famous movies

Ashwini: Filmography (5)

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1995 Mana Midiyithu[Writer (story)]
1995 Nilukada Nakshathra[Writer (Novel)]
1983 Kamana Billu[Writer (story)]
1980 Kappu Kola[Writer (Novel)]
1976 Besuge[Writer (Novel)]