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Krishna Sudama

(कृष्ण सुदामा)
1933- Religious, White and Black
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Krishna Sudama(Krishna and Sudama). A 1933 Hindi Religious, White and Black movie by Jayant Desai starring: Madhuri, Bhagwan Dada, Ghory
Director: Jayant Desai
Keywords: God, Lord krishna

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Movie NameKrishna Sudama
Original Language Nameकृष्ण सुदामा
English TranslationKrishna and Sudama
Release Date1933
Languages Hindi
Story SummarySudama was from a poor family. His father's name is Matuka and His mother is Rocana-devi. Krishna was from the royal family. But this difference in social status did not come in the way of their friendship. They lost contact over the years and while Krishna became a military leader and King of great repute at Dwaraka, Sudama stayed as a humble and somewhat impoverished villager.

Movie Crew

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Music DirectorNarayan Prasad Betaab
Production CompanyRanjit Movietone

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