Ranjit Movietone

Ranjit Movietone (1929-1970) is a Bollywood Movie Company known for the movies Radha Rani(1932), Veer Babruvahan(1934), Miss 1933(1933)

Other NamesRanjit Studios, Ranjit Film Company
Company Started In 1929
Place Of BirthMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Date Of Death 1970
Ranjit Studios, also known as Ranjit Movietone, was an Indian film production company with studio facilities located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It produced films between 1929 and mid-1970s. The studio was founded by Chandulal Shah along with Gohar Kayoum Mamajiwala.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. the studio employed around 300 actors, technicians and other employees.
  2. Ranjit productions were mostly filmed in the Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati languages.

Ranjit Movietone: Filmography (43)

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1935 Barrister’s Wife[Production Company]
1935 Desh Dasi[Production Company]
1935 Keemti Aansoo[Production Company]
1935 Noore Watan[Production Company]
1935 Raat Ki Rani[Production Company]
1934 Gunsundari[Production Company]
1934 Kashmeera[Production Company]
1934 Nadira[Production Company]
1934 Tara Sundari[Production Company]
1934 Toofan Mail[Production Company]
1934 Toofani Taruni[Production Company]
1934 Veer Babruvahan[Production Company]
1933 Bhola Shikar[Production Company]
1933 Bhool Bhulaiyan[Production Company]
1933 Krishna Sudama[Production Company]
1933 Miss 1933[Production Company]
1933 Pardesi Pritam[Production Company]
1932 Bhutio Mahal[Production Company]
1932 Char Chakram[Production Company]
1932 Do Badmash[Production Company]
1932 Radha Rani[Production Company]
1932 Sati Savitri[Production Company]
1932 Sheil Bala[Production Company]
1931 Devi Devayani[Production Company]
1931 Albeli Mumbai[Production Company]
1931 Banke Sawariya[Production Company]
1931 Devi Devyani[Production Company]
1931 Ghunghatwali[Production Company]
1931 Gwalan[Production Company]
1931 Hoor-E-Roshan[Production Company]
1930 Dehna Dan[Production Company]
1930 Noor-E-Watan[Production Company]
1930 Jawan Mard[Production Company]
1930 Love Angle[Production Company]
1930 Madhbhar Mohini[Production Company]
1930 Diwani Dilbar[Production Company]
1930 Sora Thi Baharvatiyo[Production Company]
1930 Pahadi Kanya[Production Company]
1930 Desh Deepak[Production Company]
1930 Ranak Devi[Production Company]
1930 Rasili Radha[Production Company]
1930 Sheikh Chilli[Production Company]
1930 Vifreli Waghan[Production Company]