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Desh Deepak

(देश दीपक)
1935- Action, White and Black
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A 1935 Hindi Action, White and Black movie by J.B.H. Wadia starring: Fearless Nadia, Sharifa, Sardar Mansur
Director: J.B.H. Wadia

Movie Cast

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Sharifa Sharifa Younger Sister
Fearless Nadia Fearless Nadia Partisan disguised as dancer
John Cawas John Cawas
Sardar Mansur Sardar Mansur Elder Sister's Husband
Husn Banu Husn Banu General's Daughter
Boman Shroff Boman Shroff
Sayani Atish Sayani Atish General (as Sayani)
Jaidev Jaidev
Master Mohammed Master Mohammed
S.L. Puri S.L. Puri General's Daughter's Lover (as Puri)
Bashir Qawal Bashir Qawal
Parsee Charlie Parsee Charlie Partisan disguised as dancer
Yakbal (Iqbal) Yakbal (Iqbal)

Movie Details

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Movie NameDesh Deepak
Original Language Nameदेश दीपक
Release Date1935
Languages Hindi
Story SummaryUnusual Parsee theatre-influenced costume thriller. Two sisters vie for power in a kingdom. The elder one, though hampered by a perfidious general, wins and persecutes the younger one who has the support of the elder one's husband. She captures her brother-in-law but he refuses to abandon his patriotic ideals
Run Time160 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Joseph David
Writer (Screenplay)Joseph David
Music DirectorMaster Mohammed
Production CompanyWadia Movietone
CinematographyR.B. Jagtap
Writer (Lyrics)Joseph David
Writer (Dialogue)Munshi Sarfarez

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