Boman Shroff

Boman Shroff is a Bollywood Actor known for the movies Hunterwali(1935), Lal-E-Yaman(1933), Desh Deepak(1935)

Other NamesBoman Shriff, Boman Shah, B. Shroff
Boman Shroff was an actor, stunstman, director, writer, producer in Hindi cinema, in the silent era and the early talkies.

Boman started working in Hindi movies prior to Talkies and was on monthly payroll of JBH Wadia and Homi Wadia's various movie production houses.

In mid thirties when Wadia brothers started making populist action movies Boman's roles came to prominence. 1935 Wadia Movietone production, Hunterwali starring Fearless Nadia was big hit and career defining movie for everyone involved including Boman, the male lead.

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1935 Desh Deepak[Actor]
1935 Hunterwali[Actor(Jaswant)]
1935 Noor-E-Yaman[Actor]
1934 Baag E Misar[Actor]
1934 Veer Bharat[Actor]
1933 Lal-E-Yaman[Actor(Apeman)]
1932 Sati Sone[Actor]
1930 Vijeta[Actor]