Vinaya Prasad

Vinaya Prasad

Vinaya Prasad (1973-0) is a Kannada Actress known for the movies Bhujangayyana Dashavathara(1991), Manava 2022(1997), Ganeshana Maduve(1990)

NameVinaya Prasad (ವಿನಯ ಪ್ರಸಾದ್, వినయ ప్రసాద్)
Other NamesVinaya Prakash
Date Of Birth25 June 1973
Age50 years 10 months 25 days
Place Of BirthUdupi, Karnataka
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HusbandsV. R. K. Prasad(-1995;his death) , Jyotiprakash Atre(TV director)
Birth NameVinaya Bhat
SistersVijaya Satyanarayana(elder) , Kshama Bhat(twin of Kripa) , Kripa Bhat.(twin of Kshama)
BrotherRavi Bhat(actor)
DaughterPrathama Prasad
FatherKrishna Bhat
MotherVatsala Bhat
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack
Height5 feet 3 inches
Debut MovieMadhwacharya(1988)
CasteKarhade Brahmin
Step SonJai Atre(actor, Jyotiprakash's son)
Vinaya Prasad is a popular film and television actress in South India who has primarily featured in Kannada and Malayalam films besides acting in a few Tamil and Telugu language films.

The senior actress in her career has shared screen space with Vishnuvardhan, Rajinikanth, Mohanlal, Ambareesh, Venkatesh, Ananth Nag, Akkineni Nagarjuna, V. Ravichandran, Shivrajkumar, Mahesh Babu, Jr. NTR and others.

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Vinaya prasad
Vinaya prasad
Vinaya prasad marrying sathyaprakash
Vinaya prasad marrying sathyaprakash
Vinaya prasad
Vinaya prasad
Vinaya prasad
Vinaya prasad

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Vinaya Prasad will be directing movies from 2017, she is preparing to direct a scrpt written by her husband Jyothiprakash

  2. Vinaya Prasad has acted opposite most leading heroes of the south India in the alsat 20-30 years like- Ananth Nag, Vishnuvardhan, Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, Ambareesh, Mohanlal,  Nagarjuna, Venkatesh, Ravichandran.

  3. Some of the popular movies of Vinaya Prasad where she acted as the leading actress are- Ganeshana Maduve, Gauri Ganesha, Neenu Nakkare Haalu Sakkare, Mysore Jaana. Her combination with anant Nag was a guarantee hit back then.

  4. Her debut movie Madhwacharya(1988) was directed by the legendary director G V Iyer.

  5. Vinaya Prasad appeared in smaller roles until Ganeshana Maduve opposite Anant Nag,the comedy riot of a movie gave her the break as a leading actress. 

  6. Vinaya Prasad is also a playback singer and Music composer in her free time. She has composed music for events like Mysuru Dasara

  7. Vinaya Prasad had a significant role in the very successful Malayalam TV serial Sthree. She is still recognized by the Malayalees for her role in that serial. She acted in the sequel of Sthree in 2006

  8. Vinaya Prasad won the Karnataka State Award in Best Actress category for her roles in Aathanka (1993) and Bannada Hejje (2001).

  9. Marriage: Vinaya Prasad is married twice, her first marriage was to  V.R.K Prasad, a promising director and editor who died in 1995. 

    Later Vinaya Prasad married Jyothi Prakash, a TV director and a widower himself. He is a native of Maharashtra

  10. Vinaya Prasad has acted in more than 200 movies across all languages, more than 100 movies in Kannada alone.

  11. Vinaya Prasad now acts in supporting roles, especially in mother's roles to younger lead actors across South India like Mahesh Babu, NTR junior among others.

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2016 Shivalinga[Actress(Satya\'s Mother)]
2016 Madhura Swapna[Actress]
2016 Tyson[Actress]
2016 Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara[Actress]
2016 Kalpana 2[Actress]
2016 Akshathe[Actress]
2016 Sarrainodu[Actress(Gana\'s mother)]
2015 RX Soori[Actress]
2015 Geetha Bangle Store[Actress]
2015 Vamshoddharaka[Actress]
2014 Hara[Actress(jailer’s wife)]
2014 Preethi Geethi Ithyadi[Actress]
2014 Abhimanyu[Actress]
2014 Central Jail[Actress]
2014 Adhikara[Actress]
2013 Madarangi[Actress]
2013 Sakkare[Actress(Vasundhara)]
2013 Sri Aadiparashakthi[Actress]
2013 Shravani Subramanya[Actress]
2012 Parie[Actress]
2012 Paper Doni[Actress]
2012 18th Cross[Actress]
2012 Sagar[Actress]
2011 Veerabahu[Actress]
2011 Matthe Banni Preethsona[Actress]
2011 Krishnan Marriage Story[Actress]
2011 Shakthi[Actress]
2010 Aaptha Rakshaka[Actress]
2010 Parole[Actress]
2010 Shankar IPS[Actress]
2010 Pareekshe[Actress]
2010 Nee Bandu Ninthaga[Actress]
2010 Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu[Actress]
2009 Shivamani[Actress]
2009 Shankara Punyakoti[Actress]
2009 Gautham[Actress]
2009 10th Class A Sec[Actress]
2008 Sathya In Love[Actress]
2008 Jnana Jyothi Sri Siddaganga[Actress]
2008 Indra[Actress]
2008 Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku[Actress]
2008 Hrudaya I Miss You[Actress]
2008 Bombat[Actress]
2008 Ganesha Matthe Banda[Actress]
2008 PUC[Actress]
2008 Chikkamagalura Chikkamallige[Actress]
2008 Sangaathi[Actress]
2007 Thayiya Madilu[Actress]
2007 Ugadi[Actress]
2007 Nali Naliyutha[Actress]
2007 Krishna[Actress(Anjali\'s mother)]
2007 Aa Dinagalu[Actress(Chethan\'s mother)]
2007 Ee Preethi Eke Bhoomi Melide[Actress]
2007 Honganasu[Actress]
2007 Koti Chennaya[Actress(Kinnidaru)]
2006 Shree[Actress]
2006 Ashoka[Actress]
2006 Hatavadi[Actress]
2006 Dattha[Actress]
2006 Ravi Shastry[Actress]
2006 Student[Actress]
2005 Rishi[Actress]
2005 Nenapirali[Actress]
2004 Monda[Actress]
2004 Srirampura Police Station[Actress]
2004 Love[Actress]
2003 Preethsod Thappa[Actress]
2003 Nimma Preethiya Huduga[Actress]
2001 Bava Bamaida[Actress]
2000 Bannada Hejje[Actress]
2000 Independence Day[Actress]
1999 Maha Edabidangi[Actress]
1999 Tuvvi Tuvvi Tuvvi[Actress]
1998 Andaman[Actress]
1998 Dayadi[Actress]
1998 Hoomale[Actress]
1997 Balida Mane[Actress]
1997 Bhoomi Geetha[Actress]
1997 Central Jail[Actress]
1997 Laali[Actress]
1997 Manava 2022[Actress]
1997 Mangala Suthra[Actress]
1997 Raaja[Actress]
1996 Anuraga Spandana[Actress]
1996 GodFather[Actress]
1996 Karnataka Suputra[Actress]
1996 Mouna Raga[Actress]
1996 Sathya Sangharsha[Actress]
1996 Sipayi[Actress]
1996 Sowbhagya Devathe[Actress]
1996 Thali Pooje[Actress]
1995 Kalyanothsava[Actress]
1995 Kona Eedaithe[Actress]
1995 Lady Police[Actress]
1995 Mutthinantha Hendathi[Actress]
1995 Shiva[Actress]
1995 Thumbida Mane[Actress]
1994 Karulina Koogu[Actress(Sharada)]
1994 Mahashakthi Maye[Actress]
1994 Samrat[Actress]
1994 Yarigu Helbedi[Actress]
1993 Aathanka[Actress]
1993 Bhavya Bharatha[Actress]
1993 Dakshayini[Actress(vijetha)]
1993 Gundana Maduve[Actress]
1993 Nanendu Nimmavane[Actress]
1993 Sri Durga Pooje[Actress]
1993 Suryodaya[Actress]
1993 Sarkarakke Saval[Actress]
1992 Agni Panjara[Actress]
1992 Goonda Rajya[Actress]
1992 Midida Shruthi[Actress]
1992 Mysore Jana[Actress]
1992 Police File[Actress]
1992 Police Lockup[Actress]
1992 Shakthi Yukthi[Actress]
1991 Bhujangayyana Dashavathara[Dubbing Artist]
1991 Gowri Ganesha[Actress]
1991 Ide Police Belt[Actress]
1991 Kiladi Gandu[Actress]
1991 Neenu Nakkare Halu Sakkare[Actress]
1991 Shwethaagni[Actress]
1991 Nayaka[Actress]
1990 Baare Nanna Muddina Rani[Actress]
1990 College Hero[Actress]
1990 Ganeshana Maduve[Actress(Adilakshmi)]
1990 Policena Hendthi[Actress]
1986 Madhvacharya[Actress]


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  1. Comedy is a genre that I have always been fond of. Being of the belief that a good laugh is the best cure to dispel any kind of tension

  2. I have always wanted to direct; in fact the thought occurred to me 18 years ago