Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

NameSirivennela Seetharama Sastry (సీతారామ శాస్త్రి)
Other NamesChembolu Seetharama Sastry
Date Of Birth20 May 1955
Age69 years 1 months 27 days
Place Of BirthVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
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SonYogeswara Sharma(Elder)
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Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry is a Telugu writer(Lyricist), poet, singer & actor. A Multi award winner who has penned some of the all time hits of Telugu film industry.

Childhood, Family & Personal Life

Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry was born on May 20, 1955 in Shivoni, Madhya Pradesh to Dasiviyogi(Father) & Subbulakshmi(Mother) in a Hindu Brahmin  family. His grand parents were Telugu people who were settled in Madhya Pradesh, they were natives of Anakapally & the family moved to Anakapally when he was just 3 months, he studied in Anakapally till 10th standard.

Seetharama Sastry is married to Padmavati(wife) and has three children, Yogeswara Sharma his elder son is a music director & Raja the younger son is an actor in the films, he also has a daughter. He also has an adopted son in Krishna Vamsi.

He got the name Sirivennela from the name of the first super hit movie he penned lyrics for.


  • High School: Anakapally High School, Anakapally
  • Graduation: MBBS, but discontinued later
  • Graduation: B.A from open university
  • post-graduation: M.A


Movie Debut: Janani Janmabhoomi(1984), a Telugu philosophical movie was the first movie he penned lyrics for. "Tadisina Andalalo

He has more than 300 songs throughout his career.

Hie songs often have positive effect on people, they are optimistic & inspiring.

As a book writer: He has written numerous books like:

  • సిరివెన్నెల తరంగాలు(2000)
  • “నంది” వర్ధనాలు(2001)
  • కల్యాణ రాగాలు (2003)
  • ఎన్నో రంగుల తెల్ల కిరణం (2004)
  • శివదర్పణం
  • క్షీరసాగర మధనం - గేయ కావ్యం
  • నాన్నా పులి - నాటిక
  • సన్మానోపనిషత్తు - నాటిక
  • తాత్విక వ్యాసాలు


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Sirivennela seetharama sastry
Sirivennela seetharama sastry
Sirivennela seetharama sastry
Sirivennela seetharama sastry
Sirivennela seetharama sastry
Sirivennela seetharama sastry
Sirivennela seetharama sastry
Sirivennela seetharama sastry

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. As a kid he liked Chandamama magazine, Shakespear's plays and Arabian Knightstories were his favorites.

  2. His father was an ITI lecturer. He could speak about 14 languages, including Sanskrit, Persian & Urdu. He was self taught in Commerce, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

  3. His father was an admirer and follower of Gandhi

  4. He is a 11 times Nandi Award winner of writing Lyrics. Also a 4 time Filmfare Award winner. He has won about 40 awards.

  5. According to him the important qualities a poet should pocess: Bhavana balam(emotional strength), Abhyasam(practice), Laya(rhythm)

  6. His father was also a homeopathy doctor.

  7. He resides in Hyderabad, Telangana.

  8. He was good at school debates, he was very proficient in Telugu, but found other languages like English not interesting.

  9. He got his first  job at the age of 19

  10. He was a topper in school and pet of teachers. He would ask a teacher to take him to the movies often.

  11. He Worked in Telephone department before entering the film industry as a writer.

  12. His father taught him Bhagavad Geeta when he was just 9.

  13. Akella was his colleague and guide in early days

  14. He got married at the age of 23, his bride to be was 15 at that time.

  15. He used the pen name 'Bharani' initially.

  16. He is amongst the highest paid writers in the Telugu industry.

  17. Once he and his father had discussion for 3 days in a stretch on existence of God.

  18. Dr. Satyanarayana, a friend of his Dad's was an influence on him.

  19. Seetharama Sastry was involved with RSS at the age of 11, it discipline him. He had an influencial elder cadre who influenced his life.

  20. His father died at the age of 40, leaving all responsiblities on Seetharama Sastry. He took tutions, 

  21. After intermediate, he got an offer to study MBBS but he did not have financial help to go with that. But his father would work up to 1 AM to fund his son, later Seetharama Sastry took a job that would pay him 300 Rs per month and could ease some pressure on his dad.

Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry: Filmography (3)

List By:
2016 Nenu Sailaja[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Speedunnodu[Writer (Lyrics)]
2016 Oopiri[Writer (Lyrics)]


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  1. Talking of women's liberation he says "There is no difference between Siva (the male - the experience) and Sivaa (the female - reason for expression)."