Om Saiprakash

Om Saiprakash

Om Saiprakash is a Kannada Director, Writer, Actor known for the movies Maneli Ili Beedeeli Huli(1991), Thavarige Baa Thangi(2002), Hello Sister(1995)

Other NamesSai Prakash
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Sai Prakash is a Kannada film director and producer with a trademark of directing films with sentimental and devotional themes. His films, such as Anna Thangi, Kiththoor Huli, Tavarige Baa Thangi, and Golmal Radhakrishna, were blockbusters in the Kannada film industry however, he attempted to commit suicide when one of his films (Devaru Kotta Thangi) failed at the box-office, suffering huge losses and financiers pressured him to repay their money. His son Sai Krishna is working as a publicity designer and going to debut as a director.

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2016 Sri Omkara Ayyappane[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2015 Ganga[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2015 Mana Mecchida Bangaru[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2015 Sri Sai[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2014 Agraja[Actor]
2013 Garbhada Gudi[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2012 Samsaradalli Golmal[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2012 Nandeesha[Director]
2012 Sri Kshethra Adichunchanagiri[Actor,Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2010 Sri Nagashakthi[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2009 Bhagyada Balegaara[Director]
2009 Devaru Kotta Thangi[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2008 Navashakthi Vaibhava[Director]
2008 Citizen[Director]
2007 Parodi[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2007 Ugadi[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2007 Road Romeo[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Playback Singer]
2007 Hetthare Hennanne Herabeku[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2007 Lava Kusha[Director]
2006 Hetthavara Kanasu[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2006 Thavarina Siri[Director]
2006 Odahuttidavalu[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2006 Neelakanta[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2005 Maharaja[Director]
2005 Kashi[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2005 Anna Thangi[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2004 Rowdy Aliya[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2004 Avale Nanna Gelathi[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2004 Rama Krishna[Actor,Director]
2003 Thayi Illada Thabbali[Director]
2003 Mane Magalu[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2002 Dheera[Director]
2002 Majestic[Actor]
2002 Thavarige Baa Thangi[Director]
2001 Grama Devathe[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
2001 Rusthum[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2000 Kiladi[Actor,Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
2000 Naga Devathe[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1998 Gadibidi Krishna[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1996 Bangarada Mane[Writer (story)]
1996 Sowbhagya Devathe[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1995 Gadibidi Aliya[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1995 Hello Sister[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1995 Rowdy[Actor,Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1995 Thaliya Sowbhagya[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1994 Hettha Karulu[Actor,Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1994 Indrana Gedda Narendra[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Producer]
1994 Sididedda Pandavaru[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1993 Aathanka[Director]
1993 Bhagavan Sri Saibaba[Actor,Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Producer]
1993 Dharma Peeta[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1993 Muddina Maava[Director,Producer]
1992 Chikkejamanru[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1992 Gharshane[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1992 Hendtheere Hushar[Director,Writer (Screenplay),Producer]
1992 Malashree Mamashree[Actor,Director]
1992 Nagaradalli Nayakaru[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1992 Sindhoora Thilaka[Actor,Director]
1992 Solillada Saradara[Director,Writer (story)]
1992 Amara Prema[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1992 Roshagara[Director,Writer (story)]
1992 Sahasi[Actor,Director]
1991 Golmal Part-2[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1991 Gruha Pravesha[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1991 Kalla Malla[Actor,Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1991 Kitthurina Huli[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Producer]
1991 Kollur Kala[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1991 Lion Jagapathi Rao[Director]
1991 Maneli Ili Beedeeli Huli[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1991 Readymade Ganda[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1991 Rowdy & MLA[Actor,Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1990 Bhale Chathura[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1990 Challenge Gopalakrishna[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1990 Golmal Radhakrishna[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1990 Policena Hendthi[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1990 Swarna Samsara[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay),Producer]
1989 Manmatha Raja[Director,Writer (story),Writer (Screenplay)]
1989 Muthinantha Manushya[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1989 Narasimha[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1989 Thayigobba Tharle Maga[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1988 Sahasa Veera[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]