Maruthi Shivaram

Maruthi Shivaram (0-2007) is a Kannada Director, Writer, Producer known for the movies Parasangada Gendethimma(1978), Anurakte(1980), Maha Thyaga(1974)

Other NamesMaruthi Shivram,Maruti Shivaram
Date Of Death July 2007
A South Indian film director, His play 'Real Cell' is famous and has been staged across the world

Maruthi Shivaram: Filmography (3)

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1980 Anurakte[Actor,Director,Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
1978 Parasangada Gendethimma[Director,Writer (Screenplay),Writer (Dialogue)]
1974 Maha Thyaga[Director,Writer (Screenplay),Producer,Writer (Dialogue)]