M D Pallavi

M D Pallavi

M D Pallavi is a Kannada Singer, known for the movies Accident(2008), Aa Dinagalu(2007), Mathadana(2001)

Other NamesM D Pallavi Arun, Pallavi Arun
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M. D. Pallavi, also known as Pallavi Arun, is a singer from Karnataka, India. She is a Kannada Sugama Sangeetha Singer, actor and TV anchor. She is married to Arun, a musician and music director. She won the Karnataka State Film Awards for Best Playback Singer in 2006 and 2007 for her song "Nodayya Kwate Lingave" sung in the 2007 film Duniya

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2017 Arivu[Playback Singer]
2016 Birth[Playback Singer]
2016 Possible[Playback Singer]
2015 Suvvi[Playback Singer]
2013 Sandalwood Sa Ri Ga Ma[Playback Singer]
2013 Tony[Playback Singer]
2013 Agamya[Playback Singer]
2013 Sthree Shakthi[Playback Singer]
2012 Edegarike[Dubbing Artist]
2011 Suicide[Playback Singer]
2011 Sacha[Playback Singer]
2011 Shravana[Dubbing Artist]
2011 Dhool[Dubbing Artist]
2011 Manasalogy[Playback Singer]
2011 Thare[Playback Singer]
2011 Vishnuvardhana[Dubbing Artist]
2010 Crazy Kutumba[Playback Singer]
2010 Dildaara[Playback Singer]
2010 Ijjodu[Playback Singer]
2010 Nanu Nanna Kanasu[Dubbing Artist]
2010 Nooru Janmaku[Playback Singer]
2010 Thamassu[Dubbing Artist]
2010 Holi[Playback Singer]
2010 Banni[Playback Singer]
2010 Gundragovi[Playback Singer]
2009 Junglee[Playback Singer]
2009 Venkata in Sankata[Playback Singer]
2009 Eddelu Manjunatha[Playback Singer]
2008 Accident[Dubbing Artist]
2008 Minchina Ota[Playback Singer]
2008 Gulabi Talkies[Actress]
2008 Psycho[Dubbing Artist]
2008 Pallavi Illada Charana[Playback Singer]
2007 Duniya[Playback Singer]
2007 Sathyavan Savithri[Dubbing Artist]
2007 Meera Madhava Raghava[Dubbing Artist]
2007 Savi Savi Nenapu[Dubbing Artist]
2007 Aa Dinagalu[Dubbing Artist]
2007 Orata I Love You[Playback Singer]
2006 Ramya Chaithrakala[Playback Singer]
2006 Ganda Hendathi[Playback Singer]
2006 Gandugali Kumararama[Dubbing Artist]
2006 Autograph Please[Dubbing Artist]
2006 A Aa E Ee[Playback Singer]
2005 Mahasadhvi Mallamma[Playback Singer]
2005 Masala[Playback Singer]
2005 Boyfriend[Playback Singer]
2005 Samarasimha Nayka[Playback Singer]
2005 Rama Shama Bhama[Dubbing Artist]
2004 Bisi Bisi[Dubbing Artist]
2004 Prana[Dubbing Artist]
2003 Singaravva[Playback Singer]
2003 Ooh La Laa[Playback Singer]
2003 Preethi Prema Pranaya[Playback Singer]
2003 Mani[Playback Singer]
2001 Bahala Chennagide[Playback Singer]
2001 Chandana Chiguru[Playback Singer]
2001 Mathadana[Playback Singer]
2001 Neela[Playback Singer]
2000 Shreerasthu Shubhamasthu[Playback Singer]