2006 Tulu Movies List

Suddha Movie Poster It is the story of modern India - of changing caste equations and a realization of this reality among the land owning class, albeit a bit late.
A 2006 movie by Ramchandra P N
Actors & Actresses: Sharada devi, Gopal Marnad, Jagatpal Jain, Mohandas, Surendra Kumar, Saikrishna Kudla
Kadala Mage Movie Poster Karna from the fishermen's community, is a hardworking and courageous young man, who feels the pulse of the people around him and fights for their rights
A 2006 movie by Praveen Jain
Actors & Actresses: Lakshman, Bhavya, Sarojini Shetty, Soorya, Diganth, Saritha Jain