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23rd December 2011- Action, Drama
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Bete(Hunt). A 2011 Kannada Action, Drama movie by starring: Ayesha, Ishitha Vyas, Akshay
Keywords: Revenge, sisters, Journalist

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Movie NameBete
Original Language Nameಬೇಟೆ
English TranslationHunt
Release Date23rd December 2011
Languages Kannada
Story SummaryThe story begins with Ashwini (Ayesha) a daring journalist who doesn’t hesitate to get into fights with the baddies. She gets to know where crime is happening before the cops and goes there to wipe the goons before the cops. Her life takes a turn when her sister Kavitha (Ishita) gets killed. Her death is associated with a deadly racket involving hospitals and hotels
Run Time117 Mins
Censor Ratingu/a

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