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Amar Jyoti

(अमर ज्योति)
1936- Action, Adventure
  8/10, 10 Votes

Amar Jyoti(The Immortal Flame). A 1936 Hindi Action, Adventure movie by Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram starring: Durga Khote, Chandra Mohan, Shanta Apte

Movie Cast

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Durga Khote Durga Khote Queen Saudamini
Chandra Mohan Chandra Mohan Durjaya
Shanta Apte Shanta Apte Princess Nandini
Keshav Narayan Kale Keshav Narayan Kale Shekhar
Vasanti Vasanti
B. Nandrekar B. Nandrekar Sudhir
Vasant Desai Vasant Desai
Aruna Devi Aruna Devi
Kulkarni Kulkarni Kundan
Gajendra Gajendra Gajendra

Movie Details

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Movie NameAmar Jyoti
Original Language Nameअमर ज्योति
English TranslationThe Immortal Flame
Release Date1936
Languages Hindi
Story SummaryAdventure classic featuring Durga Khote's most memorable role as the pirate Queen Saudamini. Faced with extreme patriarchal laws in an ancient seaport kingdom and denied the legal custody of her infant son Sudhir, Saudamini becomes a pirate declaring war on the state, and especially on its tyrannical minister of justice, Durjaya (Chandramohan)
Run Time166 Mins

Movie Crew

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Writer (story)Keshav Narayan Kale
Music DirectorMaster Krishnarao
Production CompanyPrabhat Film Company
CinematographyV. Avadhoot
Writer (Lyrics)Narottam Vyas
Writer (Dialogue)Keshav Narayan Kale, Narottam Vyas
Art DirectorSheikh Fattelal
Sound RecordingS. Damle
PhotographerV. Avadhoot


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Song: ► Play Akhiyan Ke Tum Taare Piyaare
Singer:Durga Khote
Music:Master Krishnarao
Lyrics:Narottam Vyas

Song: ► Play Jit Jyot Tej... Jit Jyot Tej...
Singer:Durga Khote
Music:Master Krishnarao
Lyrics:Narottam Vyas

Song: ► Play Ab Maine Jana he
Singer:Shanta Apte, Vasanti
Music:Master Krishnarao
Lyrics:Narottam Vyas

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. First Indian film to be screened at a Western film festival (Venice).

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