T V Singh Thakur

T V Singh Thakur (1911-1995) is a Kannada Director, Producer, Writer known for the movies Mantralaya Mahatme(1966), Karuneye Kutumbada Kannu(1962), Ohileshwara(1956)

Other NamesT. V. Singh Tagore, Vithal Singh
Date Of Birth 1911
Age(Age at Death: 84 years 0 months 0 days)
Date Of Death 1995
Place Of DeathChennai, Tamil Nadu
Vithal Singh wa working in Gemini pictures as a cinematographer. When Mahatma pictures split he was offered the role of a director by Vishwanatha Shetty. Thus his journey as a directer began.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. He is the recipient of President's award for the movie 'Chandavalliya Tota'

T V Singh Thakur: Filmography (19)

(All T V Singh Thakur Movies)
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1978 Sumangali[Director,Producer]
1974 Hemareddy Mallamma[Director]
1973 Bharathada Rathna[Director]
1971 Hoo Bisilu[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1970 Hasiru Thorana[Director,Writer (Screenplay)]
1969 Bhageerathi[Director]
1968 Naane Bhagyavati[Director]
1966 Mantralaya Mahatme[Director,Producer]
1964 Chandavalliya Thota[Director]
1964 Kalaavati[Director]
1964 Kavaleredu Kula ondu[Director]
1963 Kulavadhu[Director]
1962 Karuneye Kutumbada Kannu[Director]
1961 Kaivara Mahatme[Director]
1961 Kannterudu Nodu[Director]
1959 Jagajyothi Basaveshwara[Director]
1956 Hari Bhakta[Director,Producer]
1956 Ohileshwara[Director,Producer]
1955 Sodari[Director,Producer]