P. R. Joshi

P. R. Joshi is a Bollywood Actor known for the movies Rashk-E-Laila(1934), Amar Prem(1936), Kalkoot(1935)

Other NamesP. R. Joshi
He is an Bollywood Actor in 1931s period. P.R. Joshi is an actor, known for Janjirne Jankare (1927), Mirza Sahiban (1929) and Aatishe Ishq (1931).

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1936 Amar Prem[Actor]
1935 Bhool Ka Bhog[Actor]
1935 Kalkoot[Actor]
1934 Rashk-E-Laila[Actor(Grand Vizir)]
1934 Seva Sadan[Actor]
1931 Aatishe Ishq[Actor]