Naveen Padil

Naveen Padil

Naveen Padil (1969-0) is a Tulu, Kannada Actor known for the movies Chellapilli(2013), Teenage(2013), Shikari(2012)

Other NamesNaveen D Padil,Naveen Padeel
Date Of Birth11 November 1969
Age54 years 7 months 8 days
Place Of BirthPadil, Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka
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Naveen D. Padil is an Indian theatre and film actor who has performed in over a thousand plays mostly in Tulu language. Known widely in the circles of Tulu theatre from his acting performances as a "Master of Comedy and Tragedy", he is called "Kusalda Arase" (The King of Happiness). He is known mainly for his portrayal of comical characters. Padil along with Devadas Kapikad and Aravind Bolar formed a famous trio that appeared in Tulu comical stage plays during the 1990s and early 2000s.

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2017 Yesa[Actor]
2016 Pavitra[Actor]
2016 Kudla Cafe[Actor]
2016 Dabak Daba Aisa[Actor]
2016 Barsa[Actor]
2016 Panoda Bodcha[Actor]
2016 Pilibail Yamunakka[Actor]
2015 Soombe[Actor]
2015 Ekka Saka[Actor(Gopal)]
2015 Super Marmaye[Actor]
2015 Chandi Kori[Actor]
2014 Rang[Actor]
2014 Chaali Polilu[Actor(Damu)]
2013 Chellapilli[Actor]
2013 Teenage[Actor]
2013 Sakkare[Actor]
2013 Aamait Asal-Eemait Kusal[Actor]
2013 Rickshaw Driver[Actor]
2012 Shikari[Actor]
2012 Telikeda Bolli[Actor]
2011 Acchu Mecchu[Actor]
2011 Jarasandha[Actor]
2011 Kanchilda Baale[Actor]
2011 Oriyardori Asal[Actor(Basappa)]
2010 Nanna Olavina Banna[Actor]
2007 Koti Chennaya[Actor]