Nalini (1954-0) is a Kannada Actress known for the movies Kavirathna Kalidasa(1983), Namma Bhoomi(1989), Gandandre Gandu(1989)

Date Of Birth22 March 1954
Age69 years 11 months 10 days
Daughter In-LawPavithra
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Son In-LawRamesh Subramanian
Nalini is an Indian actress who worked in Tamil and Malayalam with few Kannada and Telugu films from 1981 to 1987

Nalini fell in love with actor Ramarajan and they got married in 1987. However, they divorced citing differences in their relationship and got divorced in 2000. They have twin children, daughter Aruna,and son Arun born in 1988. His Daughter Aruna is married to Ramesh Subramanian on 06 May 2013. His Son Arun is married to Pavithra on 25 April 2014.

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1989 Gandandre Gandu[Actress]
1989 Namma Bhoomi[Actress]
1987 Jeevana Jyothi[Actress]
1986 Belli Naaga[Actress]
1984 Shapatha[Actress]
1983 Kavirathna Kalidasa[Actress]