M Ranga Rao

M Ranga Rao

M Ranga Rao (1932-1991) is a Kannada Music Director known for the movies Mouna Geethe(1986), Sakshatkara(1971), Ranganayaki(1981)

Other NamesM RangaRao
Date Of Birth15 October 1932
Age(Age at Death: 59 years 2 months 16 days)
Place Of BirthAndhra Pradesh
Date Of Death 1991
Place Of DeathBangalore, Karnataka
EducationDiploma in Mechanical Engineering
M. Ranga Rao was a prominent Indian Music director who predominantly worked in Kannada films. He was known for his mellifluous scores and lilting tunes backed with strong classical nuances.

Ranga Rao was born in a small village in Andhra Pradesh on 15 October 1932. He learnt the art of playing Veena instrument at a very young age. His inspiration was his mother, Rangamma. He graduated in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering stream.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. Ranga Rao introduced (his relative) Balasubramanyam to Kannada films by offering him a duet song alongside the veteran singer P. Susheela
  2. He entered the Kannada film industry as a composer from the film Nakkare Ade Swarga in 1967

M Ranga Rao: Filmography (115)

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1993 Prana Snehitha[Music Director]
1993 Khaidi No. 407[Music Director]
1991 Giri Mallige[Music Director]
1991 Kala Chakra[Music Director]
1991 Sri Nanjundeshwara Mahime[Music Director]
1991 Varagala Bete[Music Director]
1990 Golmal Radhakrishna[Music Director]
1990 Halliya Surasuraru[Music Director]
1990 Policena Hendthi[Music Director]
1990 Ramarajyadalli Rakshasaru[Music Director]
1990 Sri Satyanarayana Pooja Phala[Music Director]
1990 Nambidre Nambi Bitre Bidi[Music Director]
1990 Prema Taranga[Music Director]
1989 Abhimana[Music Director]
1989 Bidisada Bandha[Music Director]
1989 Bisilu Beladingalu[Music Director]
1989 Rajasimha[Music Director]
1989 Samsara Nouke[Music Director]
1989 Thayigobba Tharle Maga[Music Director]
1988 Mutthaide[Music Director]
1988 Olavina Aasare[Music Director]
1988 Shanthi Nivasa[Music Director]
1988 Oorigitta Kolli[Music Director]
1987 Hrudaya Pallavi[Music Director]
1987 Kurukshethra[Music Director]
1987 Manasa Veene[Music Director]
1987 Olavina Udugore[Music Director]
1987 Shiva Bhaktha Markandeya[Music Director]
1987 Shubha Milana[Music Director]
1987 Thayi Kotta Thali[Music Director]
1987 Mullallu Ondu Mallige[Music Director]
1987 Vijay[Music Director]
1986 Aruna Raaga[Music Director]
1986 Hennina Koogu[Music Director]
1986 Karna[Music Director]
1986 Kathanayaka[Music Director]
1986 Maneye Manthralaya[Music Director]
1986 Mouna Geethe[Music Director]
1986 Nannavaru[Music Director]
1986 Prema Jaala[Music Director]
1986 Madhura Bandhavya[Music Director]
1985 Bhayankara Bhasmasura[Music Director,Playback Singer]
1985 Goonda Guru[Music Director]
1985 Jwalamukhi[Music Director]
1985 Kumkuma Thanda Sowbhagya[Music Director]
1985 Pithamaha[Music Director]
1985 Veeradhi Veera[Music Director]
1985 Aahuthi[Music Director]
1985 Hendthi Beku Hendthi[Music Director]
1984 Bandhana[Music Director]
1984 Bedaru Bombe[Music Director]
1984 Benki Birugaali[Music Director]
1984 Olave Baduku[Music Director]
1984 Premave Balina Belaku[Music Director]
1984 RudraNaga[Music Director]
1984 Samayada Gombe[Music Director]
1984 Shravana Banthu[Music Director]
1984 Aparanji[Music Director]
1984 Avala Antharanga[Music Director]
1983 Kalluveene Nudiyithu[Music Director]
1983 Kavirathna Kalidasa[Music Director]
1983 Kranthiyogi Basavanna[Music Director]
1983 Mududida Thavare Aralithu[Music Director]
1983 Samarpane[Music Director]
1982 Guna Nodi Hennu Kodu[Music Director]
1982 Hosa Belaku[Music Director]
1982 Kalasapurada Hudugaru[Music Director]
1982 Kannu Theresida Hennu[Music Director]
1982 Raga Thala[Music Director]
1982 Raja Maharaja[Music Director]
1982 Kempu Hori[Music Director]
1981 Naga Kala Bhairava[Music Director]
1981 Ranganayaki[Music Director]
1981 Number Aidoo Ekka[Music Director,Playback Singer]
1980 Guru Sarvabhowma Sri Raghavendra Karune[Music Director]
1980 Pattanakke Banda Patniyaru[Music Director]
1980 Prema Jwala[Music Director]
1980 Vasantha Geetha[Music Director]
1979 Attege Thakka Sose[Music Director]
1979 Aliya Devaru[Music Director]
1978 Anubandha[Music Director]
1978 Sridevi[Music Director]
1978 Halli Haida[Music Director]
1977 Dhanalakshmi[Music Director]
1977 Shani Prabhava[Music Director]
1977 Geddavalu Nane[Music Director]
1977 Punarmilana[Music Director]
1977 Shubhashaya[Music Director]
1976 Badavara Bandhu[Music Director]
1976 Baduku Bangaravayithu[Music Director]
1976 Bahaddur Gandu[Music Director]
1976 Devaru Kotta Vara[Music Director]
1976 Kanasu Nanasu[Music Director]
1976 Punardatta[Music Director]
1976 Hudugatada Hudugi[Music Director]
1975 Kaveri[Music Director]
1975 Mane Belaku[Music Director]
1975 Viplava Vanithe[Music Director]
1974 Maga Mommaga[Music Director]
1974 Gruhini[Music Director]
1974 Bhale Bhatta[Music Director]
1973 Bidugade[Music Director]
1973 Edakallu Guddada Mele[Music Director]
1972 Janma Rahasya[Music Director]
1972 Uttara Dakshina[Music Director]
1971 Namma Samsara[Music Director]
1971 Sakshatkara[Music Director]
1971 Sothu Geddavalu[Music Director]
1970 Karulina Kare[Music Director]
1970 Sukha Samsara[Music Director]
1969 Gruhalakshmi[Music Director]
1969 Margadarshi[Music Director]
1968 Hannele Chiguridaga[Music Director]
1967 Manassiddare Marga[Music Director]
1967 Nakkare Ade Swarga[Music Director]