Girish Kulkarni

Girish Kulkarni

Girish Kulkarni is a Bollywood Actor known for the movies Ugly(2014)

Other NamesGirish Kulkarni, Girish Pandurang Kulkarni
Place Of BirthPune, Maharashtra, India
Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is a National Award winning Indian film actor, writer, and producer. He is known for Marathi films such as Valu (The Wild Bull), Vihir (The Well), Deool (The Temple) and Gabhricha Paus (The Damned Rain) and Hindi film Ugly

Girish Kulkarni: Filmography (2)

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2016 Dangal[Actor(Coach Pramod Kadam)]
2014 Ugly[Actor(Inspector Jadhav)]
A 2014 Hindi Thriller movie by Anurag Kashyap starring: Saharsh Kumar Shukla, Alia Bhatt, Anshika Shrivastava