No. 73, Shanthi Nivasa Movie Poster

No. 73, Shanthi Nivasa

(ನಂ.೭೩, ಶಾಂತಿನಿವಾಸ)
7th June 2007- Drama, Family, Musical
  9/10, 11 Votes

An outsider joins a family at the verge of breaking up and unites them before leaving them
Director: Sudeep

Movie Cast

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Sudeep Sudeep Raghu
Master Hirannaiah Master Hirannaiah Kailasanatha
Srinivasamurthy Srinivasamurthy Ramanath
Vaishali Kasaravalli Vaishali Kasaravalli Seethadevi
Anu Prabhakar Anu Prabhakar Neetha
Deepa Bhaskar Deepa Bhaskar Radha
Ramesh Bhat Ramesh Bhat Kashinath
Chitra Shenoy Chitra Shenoy Shobha
Master Rohith Master Rohith Chintu
Komal Kumar Komal Kumar Vishwanath/ Gandharva
Deepu Deepu
Arun Sagar Arun Sagar Dance Guruji
Shivarajkumar Shivarajkumar (Narration)

Movie Details

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Movie NameNo. 73, Shanthi Nivasa
Original Language Nameನಂ.೭೩, ಶಾಂತಿನಿವಾಸ
Release Date7th June 2007
Languages Kannada
StorylineAn outsider joins a family at the verge of breaking up and unites them before leaving them
Story SummaryGrandfather Kailasnath (Master Hirannaiah) is a grandfather and the head of the family. He is seen all the time guarding his riches. The other members of the family have their own vocations but the one thing they have in common is that they have no time for anyone else. Raghu (Sudeep), will be in the guise of a cook. This jack-of-all-trades manages to win the love and trust of the entire family. And suddenly one day he walks away with the treasure chest of Kailasnath
Run Time157 Mins

Movie Crew

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Music DirectorRamani Bharadwaj
ProducerKiccha Creations
CinematographySri Venkat
Writer (Lyrics)K Kalyan
Writer (Dialogue)B A Madhu
Film EditingB S Kemparaj
Assistant DirectorN Sathish, Hemanth
Art DirectorDinesh Mangalore
ChoreographyAnju Mahendra, Jayanth, N A Thara, Raju Sundaram
Playback SingerShivarajkumar, Master Hirannaiah, Rajesh Krishnan, Sudeep, S P Balasubrahmanyam, L N Shastry, Ramani Bharadwaj, Arun Sagar, kalyani, Srinivas, Archana Udupa, Nanditha
Production ManagerV K Murthy
StillsBadari Prasad
Publicity DesignKumar
Co-DirectorS V Suresh
Director (Associate)G V Arunkumar
Production (Banner)Kiccha Creations
Sound Recording (Dialogues)V N Hema
Sound Recording (Rerecording)V N Hema
Public RelationsSudheendra Venkatesh
sound effects editorRajan


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Song: ► Play Geeya Geeya Thirugu Bhoomi
Singer:S P Balasubrahmanyam
Music:Ramani Bharadwaj
Lyrics:K Kalyan

Song: ► Play Preethi Endare Heegene Thilidu Thilayada hagene
Singer:Rajesh Krishnan
Music:Ramani Bharadwaj
Lyrics:K Kalyan

Song: ► Play Thayatha Thayatha
Singer:Rajesh Krishnan, kalyani
Music:Ramani Bharadwaj
Lyrics:K Kalyan

Song: ► Play Hrudaya Hrudaya
Music:Ramani Bharadwaj
Lyrics:V Nagendra Prasad

Song: ► Play Adaddella Olledaythu kanda kanasindu nijavayithu
Singer:Master Hirannaiah, Rajesh Krishnan, L N Shastry, Archana Udupa, Nanditha, Arun Sagar
Music:Ramani Bharadwaj
Lyrics:K Kalyan

Song: ► Play Bandu Nodu Ranga nayaka
Singer:Ramani Bharadwaj
Music:Ramani Bharadwaj
Lyrics:K Kalyan

Interesting Facts and Trivia

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  1. This film is inspired by Hindi movie Bawarchi and Tamil movie Navagraham

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