Shankar-Ganesh is a Kannada Music Director known for the movies Maneli Ili Beedeeli Huli(1991), Kiladi Thatha(1990), Savira Sullu(1985)

Place Of BirthChennai, Tamil Nadu
Shankar Ganesh is an Indian music director duo who have worked in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies for around 40 years

They started as an assistant to Tamil music composers M. S. Viswanathan and T. K. Ramamoorthy. Their first release was Magaraasi in 1964. Aattukara Alamelu was a turning point in their career.

Shankar-Ganesh: Filmography (54)

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2011 Murali Meets Meera[Assistant Director]
2011 Bhadra[Assistant Director]
1993 Dakshayini[Music Director]
1993 Vasantha Poornima[Music Director]
1993 Vijaya Kranthi[Music Director]
1993 Vikram[Music Director]
1993 Sidukabeda Singari[Music Director]
1992 Mavanige Thakka Aliya[Music Director]
1992 Shambhavi[Music Director]
1991 Bhairavi[Music Director]
1991 Bombay Dada[Music Director]
1991 Central Rowdy[Music Director]
1991 Durgashtami[Music Director]
1991 Maneli Ili Beedeeli Huli[Music Director]
1991 Nagini[Music Director]
1990 Chakravarthy[Music Director]
1990 Kaliyuga Krishna[Music Director]
1990 Kiladi Thatha[Music Director]
1990 Tiger Gangu[Music Director]
1990 Mouna Horata[Music Director]
1989 Ade Raga Ade Hadu[Music Director]
1989 Adrushta Rekhe[Music Director]
1989 Bangarada Baduku[Music Director]
1989 En Swamy Aliyandire[Music Director]
1989 Hosa Kavya[Music Director]
1989 Jayabheri[Music Director]
1989 Maha Yuddha[Music Director]
1988 Bharath[Music Director]
1988 Mathru Vathsalya[Music Director]
1988 Nee Nanna Daiva[Music Director]
1988 Praja Prabhuthva[Music Director]
1988 Krishna Mecchida Radhe[Music Director]
1987 Agni Kanye[Music Director]
1986 Anand[Music Director]
1986 Asambhava[Music Director]
1986 Naa Ninna Preethisuve[Music Director]
1986 Tiger[Music Director]
1986 Kadinalli Jatre[Music Director]
1985 Mareyada Manikya[Music Director]
1985 Naanu Nanna Hendthi[Music Director]
1985 Savira Sullu[Music Director]
1985 Swabhimana[Music Director]
1985 Kari Naga[Music Director]
1984 Hosa Itihasa[Music Director]
1984 Pralayanthaka[Music Director]
1984 Shapatha[Music Director]
1984 Huliyada Kala[Music Director]
1983 Chakra Vyuha[Music Director]
1983 Dharma Yuddha[Music Director]
1983 Karune Illada Kanoonu[Music Director]
1982 Khadeema Kallaru[Music Director]
1982 Prema Mathsara[Music Director]
1980 Maria My Darling[Music Director]
1980 Rahasya Rathri[Music Director]